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Use our hosted API, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-premise.

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Bullet Train combines the concepts of feature toggles with the flexibility of remote config. Rather than just switching features on and off, you can configure them for individual segments, users and development environments.

Utilise our powerful rules engine to manage your features for the users you wish to target. You can even use segments for staged rollouts or a/b testing.

React JS
Python Feature Flags

How can Bullet Train accelerate your development process? Here's how.

Create a feature branch in git and a corresponding Feature Flag in Bullet Train.

Create a new Feature
Deploy the feature

Write your code, place it behind a feature flag and deploy it straight to production. Don't worry! It's hidden for everyone.

You can now test the widget using your own account. Select your own user within Bullet Train and override the flag for your account.

The widget will now show up for your own account. It's still hidden for everybody else.

Enable the feature
Create a new Feature

Create a Segment that includes all your company team members.

Now we can override that flag for this segment of users. They can now test out the new widget and make sure all the integration points work nicely.

Bring in the rest of your team

Lets do a percentage rollout so that we can be sure that there are no unexpected issues when deploying the feature to everyone.

Modify the Segment, replacing the emailAddress filter with a % Split. 5% of our users will now see the chat widget and 95% won't.

Enable the feature

The chat widget has been live for a few weeks, and everything is working nicely. The team have decided that they want to keep the widget in the application, so we can now remove the feature flag entirely. We edit the code to remove the optional display of the widget, and delete the flag from Bullet Train.

Fully Featured Platform

Ship features remotely across multiple environments. Deliver true Continuous Integration.

Feature flags

Change the behaviour, appearance and configuration of your app without needing to deploy.

Remote config

Store traits against your users without modifying your back-end and target features specifically for them.

User Traits

Create detailed user segments based on their traits, then target features based on the segment.

User Segments

Audit changes & rollback any mistakes or issues.

Track Changes