Better file backup software

Backups are organized by snapshot, which is a consistent view of each file as it was backed up. Snapshots allow you to restore a group of files to an approximate point in time.

Backups can run automatically on a schedule you choose. If your computer isn't on or awake during a scheduled backup, it can be run at the next opportunity.

All your data is encrypted on your computer using a password that only you know: it never leaves your computer, and no one else can read your backups.

Relica works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD, with an intuitive interface that opens right in your web browser and is the same on every operating system.

Back up to multiple cloud storage providers for greater assurances of availability. Unlike other backup software, with Relica you need only upload your data once.

The Relica Cloud is a fully-managed, multi-cloud solution that is entirely automated. You just choose how many clouds to back up to!

Unlike some other backup services, our pricing is designed to be affordable and sustainable at the same time. We don't have to rely on investor capital or sell your information to stay in business.

Backups need regular maintenance to ensure they're in good health. Relica takes care of this automatically.

Let other Relica users back up to your computer or hard drive for free. It's as easy as typing their email address and clicking a button.

Back up any set of files to one or more destinations of your choosing: local folders, friends' computers, or the Relica Cloud.

Backup repositories are stripped of duplicate data to reduce storage size on disk. Careful indexing preserves all your data nonetheless.

Relica backups can be restored with the open source tool restic, alleviating total reliance on Relica in case of emergencies.

Each snapshot is incremental, meaning the backup operations are fast and storage needs are reduced.

Advanced files such as symbolic links and dotfiles are preserved in the backup, with no default or hidden exclude lists.

Relica has an elegant, cross-platform command line interface that can do everything the web UI does. The CLI is the same on all platforms.

You can optionally set a retention period for each destination so that old snapshots are pruned away, freeing up space. By default, snapshots are unlimited.

Relica distributions are completely self-contained, and its binaries do not require any external system libraries (no JRE, no Python, no libc, etc).

Unlike some other backup solutions, Relica supports files of any size -- at no extra cost.

There are no arbitrary limits to the size of backups, the number of files, or the duration to keep snapshots.

Unlike other consumer backup services, Relica allows you to back up multiple computers, including network storage devices, on a single subscription.

You choose what to back up: your entire drive, your home/user folder, or any other specific files. We don't choose for you.