You Are Jeff Bezos

This is super super excellent, I put $10 towards you amassing a fortune as enormous as Jeff Bezos's, however I would also like to reserve the rights to make a videogame where people have to spend all your money


This is a truly amazing, inspring project. I don't think I've ever felt closer to being able to comprehend the impossible amounts of wealth of these monstorous people. A new favourite game of mine.


Where's the start a socialist revolution option?


better than all of my twines rolled into one :D


Absolutly amazing. Make this into an app and make it free on the Amazon App store.

And continue the story! Let's make billionaires extinct!

This is such a good idea omg


the options for what to spend money on are big gay, it would be a lot cooler if you could buy some kind of gun and / or an island and also a boat now that would be a good game


You may have missed the point.

I like the way this guy thinks

This was beautiful. I love it.

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Fantastic. Play this right now.

I love this. I got the neutral ending with Elon.

I got the true ending. I am Elon.


my only and largest criticism with this game is that i cannot buy the assassins out so that they will also kill me, jeff bezos, at the end of the game, ending my, jeff bezos', reign of terror


this is such a good game!! fun, clever,  and super satisfying...wish it was more than just a fantasy lmao!!