Senior Software Engineer

DaisyBill is seeking a senior software engineer to work collaboratively with the engineering team, helping us build products that are reliable, scalable, and maintainable. The Senior Software Engineer will report directly to the CTO.

What’s in it for you?

Mission. DaisyBill is solving real problems that impact injured workers. Within the workers’ compensation system, we help providers with the complex burdens of obtaining authorization and payment -- burdens that would otherwise deter providers from treating those who are injured while working.

Impact. The DaisyBill team is small but growing, and you’ll be joining us at a critical point in our expansion. You can make a lasting impact not only with the product you will develop but also on our processes and culture.

Hiring process

We don’t believe in whiteboard interviews or knowing how to write a fancy sorting or search algorithm.  Sure, those algorithms are sometimes useful, but we don’t think they should be used to evaluate a candidate.  Instead, we focus on skills that are used on a daily basis.  You shouldn’t have to keep every algorithm in your head -- it’s OK to google.

  1. Initial chat. A short 15-minute call with either Ben Liscio (CTO) or Jenny Liu (HR).
  2. Take-home Ruby exercise. Applying for a job shouldn’t be a full-time job, so we ask that you keep this to two hours.
  3. Pairing interview. A two- to three-hour pairing session to work on an actual user story. Expect this to cover the full-stack: from the database level up to CSS.
  4. Interview with another engineer or a product manager. This will last approximately thirty minutes.


  1. Implement new features as a full-stack engineer. Every member of the engineering team writes anything from a Postgres function to CSS. 
  2. Rotate between writing new features and maintaining existing ones.  We currently have two teams that switch between “focus” and “maintenance” every two weeks. (No one wants to only maintain existing features.)
  3. Collaborate with other engineers and product managers. Sometimes we will pair on a problem, but most of the time we work solo.
  4. Review other team members’ code.
  5. Work on either the Security or the Site Reliability team.
  6. Support production apps on a rotation.

Some of the technologies we use

  • Languages
  • Datastores
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • Redshift
  • Frameworks
  • Deployment
    • We primarily run on Heroku, but also use many AWS services.


  1. Alignment with DaisyBill GOAT Values.
  2. You should care deeply about the details but be able to recognize when you’re too deep in the weeds and be pragmatic about what you are working on.
  3. Not afraid to ask for help.
  4. Niceness, because mean people suck.


  1. 3+ years working full time as an engineer building a web-based SaaS product.
  2. Experience working in a remote environment.
  3. Currently located locally or close to the NY time zone.
  4. Not a recent graduate of a developer boot camp (e.g., Flatiron School, General Assembly). See point 1.

About DaisyBill 

Workers’ Comp Made Better

If you are injured at work, most industrialized countries establish workers’ compensation systems that require your employer to provide for all of your care and treatment while you heal from your injury. In the United States, each state sets up its own workers’ compensation rules for employers to assume financial responsibility for injured employee care.

The world would be a better place if injured employees could access the best medical treatment and services. Unfortunately, the complexities of workers’ comp often frustrate and discourage medical providers; as a result, many providers refuse to treat employees injured while at work.

DaisyBill is built for these providers and eliminates many of the frustrating complexities that burden the process of getting paid by employers for the services and treatment needed by injured employees. 

Our customers are our number one priority; they stay with us because we constantly keep them top of mind as we develop technology to make their workers’ comp billing world so much easier and better. We adore our customers and our customers adore us -- they make DaisyBill the best at what we do.

DaisyBill was founded in 2012 and is an established and profitable niche enterprise B2B technology company. We preserve many of the benign characteristics that fueled our early start-up days but without the worries of answering to outside equity. 

The DaisyBill Team devotes all of our collective expertise, talent, and resources to the pursuit of our mission of improving injured employees’ access to the very best medical care. Join our team!

DaisyBill GOAT Values

  1. Be bold - The status quo just isn’t good enough.
  2. Outperform - What we do, we do best.
  3. Customers matter - Keep our customers top of mind, constantly, and all else follows.
  4. Persevere - Find a way or make one.
  5. Improve constantly - We get smarter.
  6. Collaborate - Me. We.*
  7. Be nice - Real, straightforward, open-minded, honest, and ethical.
  8. Value diversity - Of thought, experience, mindset, and angle of attack.
  9. Live your best life - Work should only be 25% of your life.
  10. GOAT - The Daisy Team strives to be the Greatest of All Time.

*Muhammad Ali spoke at Harvard University in 1975. When someone in the audience requested a poem, Ali’s response was “Me. We.” We love this simple and pithy statement connecting the individual and the team.