Why Apple Eventually Lost Me And I’m Switching Back To Windows

By Mark Dalton

For the past 12 years the Mac has been my personal computer of choice. I remember buying my first MacBook so vividly when I was on holiday in New York. I saved money to buy the base entry white MacBook, I believe it came in at just under $1,000 at the time. I loved it, from the first boot up right through to the present day. Over the years I upgraded to a MacBook Pro, then the MacBook Pro touchbar and in the middle of that I bought a 27inch iMac. I even got my parents in on it and they invested in a Mac Mini not long after my first MacBook purchase. At the time I swore I would never go back to a PC, and yet here I am…taking in new parts for a custom build PC nearly every day for the past week and getting ready to build my own custom PC setup. I’m going back to Windows 10, but why?

The biggest pull is simply the value for money which really has vanished over the past number of years. Look at the iMac line in 2018 and the specs, tell me if the value is there.

Its just not value for money at all anymore. Some people would argue that you are buying for the experience, the customer service, the build quality and so on. Don’t get me wrong, Apple’s customer service is excellent, sure the build quality is dope but bottom line is the prices in my mind is insane. Building my own rig, or buying a PC rig if you didn’t want to build one, would give you insane setups at these prices. The MacBook Pro line is no better really.

For me the reality is simple, even if I could, I wouldn’t want to drop this kind of money on a computer in 2018. One thing I really do love about Apple and their Mac computers is the software, so what about Microsoft’s current offering in the form of Windows 10?

I watched with glee as an Apple user when Microsoft really struggled for several years with their operating system. Vista was hell, Windows 7 was meh, Windows 8 was a disaster and then we skipped 9 entirely. However Windows 10 is a massive step forward and while not as refined as macOS, it is a big step in the right direction. It is more functional and is updated on a regular basis.

The combination of pretty decent software with my own hardware setup at a much lower price was all the push I needed. With the work I do on photo/video editing and my love for flight simulators, I have been looking for something more powerful that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

While I have no interest in leaving my iPhone, when it comes to the computers in the house I am very interested in moving away from Apple. I am currently upgrading the home computer setup and while the MacBook will last a number of years yet, when the upgrade is eventually due I won’t be going with Apple next time around.

Windows 10, while not as polished as macOS right now, is still an operating system I would be happy to use on a daily basis. Especially as I know it is getting better with time.

Like I said, I love my iPhone and that isn’t going anywhere. I have used Android and while I liked the experience, I am still an iPhone man. My beef with Apple and its Mac line is the lack of polish we have seen in recent years on both hardware and software. The hardware isn’t great when you look at the cost of the computer and while the software is great, glitches are slowly creeping in, much like the issues we have had with iOS in recent years.

Seriously Apple, what is going on with the QA department there? Another reason to bail is the expense in repairs, particularly living in a country where there is no official Apple store. Apple has these machines made so that if something breaks you are basically fucked and the only choice is to take it to get repaired. If things break on the custom build I am working on then I can easily fix without it costing me a fortune.

I have had hardware issues in the past, motherboard failures, RAM failure, drive failures and as years have passed it has become harder to replace some of this stuff yourself. Back in the first MacBook I had you could replace the drive, battery, RAM…all at ease. Apple used to go by the mantra “it just works” but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The simple reality is that PC setups are costing a lot less and packing a hell of a lot more inside and in 2018 that is a real big deal.

Apple once catered to creatives and when I first used a Mac I was amazed by the creative tool suite they had. However times have changed, 10 years ago we edited on the built in Apple app but now we use Lightroom. Apple has not built much on that creative foundation, if anything they have stripped the tools back. The latest releases of Apple MacBooks seems to have caused more aggravation in consumers than satisfaction with the removal of ports, opting for USB-C while brand new iPhones don’t follow suit with USB-C, forcing users to buy dongles (biggest market Apple has now). These Macs used to excite but now they are actually forcing users away, and I’m talking long time Apple users.

I’m actually excited to head back to Windows after a long time, the software is not yet as polished as macOS and there will be transitional difficulties but a more powerful rig at half the cost of a new iMac is a sweet deal for me.