This sleek console plays old Sega cartridges on your new TV

By Andrew Webster

Analogue is known for providing high-end consoles designed to play classic Nintendo games, and now, the company is turning its attention to Sega. Today, Analogue is announcing the Mega Sg, a retro console that can play Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System cartridges, and it works seamlessly with modern TVs. “I’ve wanted to do the end all, be all Sega system for a long time,” says Analogue’s Christopher Taber. “There is zero proper way to explore Sega’s history, and it’s time to give Sega their due.”

If you’re familiar with Analogue’s work, then you know exactly what to expect from the Mega Sg. Much like the Super Nt, an aftermarket Super Nintendo released at the beginning of this year, the Mega Sg is a modern console designed to play old games, and output them in high resolution and with high-fidelity sound. It connects to your TV via HDMI, and Analogue says the Sega console supports more than 2,100 cartridges, features original controller ports, and even comes with a side adapter for the Sega CD. (The Mega Sg currently doesn’t support the 32X add-on.) Additionally, the company is going to sell cartridge adapters so you can play things like portable Game Gear games on your big screen.

Analogue’s first big splash came from its gorgeous, aluminum take on the NES, but for the Super Nt, the company shifted to a more affordable plastic shell. That trend continues with the Mega Sg. The new console is compact like its SNES predecessor, but it also features some undeniably Sega design flourishes. The company partnered with English design studio Kenyon Weston to create the new device. “KW did a brilliant job really distilling the core motifs of what makes the Mega Drive and Genesis what it is: the ring, power, and reset buttons, and the chunky chamfers on the left and right,” explains Taber. The Mega Sg will be available in four colors: a white version and three iterations based on the American, European, and Japanese iterations of Sega’s classic console.

Analogue Mega Sg

Like the Super Nt, the Mega Sg supports wireless controllers, though it doesn’t come with one; you’ll be able to buy a separate, Sega-style gamepad for $24.99 in February. The console will cost $189 and is expected to start shipping next March. It’s a natural progression for Analogue, and it fits nicely with the company’s ambitions. “We design systems to celebrate and explore the history of video games with the respect it deserves,” says Taber.