Making Sense Of The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Mania of 2020

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The decentralized finance (DeFi) has so far been one of the best-performing arts of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Its growth has powered several projects into the billion-dollar status, and it almost seems like the only place for it to go is up.

So, it’s worth understanding what DeFi is and why it is continuing to appeal to so many people around the crypto industry.

What is DeFi and how does it work?

Before being considered DeFi, a financial service will need to have a platform with at least one decentralized function. These can take the form of using distributed ledger technology, as opposed to taking records and putting them all in one location.

The platform could also use decentralization in its governing platform, thus allowing token holders to govern how the platform operates — instead of getting a board of directors or some other governance scheme from the centralized world. Or, the platform could use decentralized information feeds and algorithms to determining important concepts like token values, interest rates, and more.

Most DeFi platforms are decentralized apps. These apps use different smart contracts to automate their transactions, this improving speed, transparency, and efficiency. At the same time, computer codes govern the apps. These codes are neutral and will eliminate the possibility of discrimination or bias.

Here are 10 DeFi marketing agencies to follow: who can you trust to promote your financial protocol?

Decentralized finance is this year's king of crypto, with new projects coming out every week. Some DeFi protocols are serious, like Compound, and some are downright wacky – think SUSHI, SASHIMI, and YAM. But they all need promotion – and there are many crypto marketing & PR firms ready to deliver. Here are our 10 to follow.

1) Crypterius

Crypterius's slogan is “we don't just market your business – we make it the best it can be.” This approach is reflected in the 360-degree range of services: from development and design to media placement and community management. Also on the menu are promotional videos, white paper creation, bounty campaigns, airdrops, and legal services. Crypterius is one of the few agencies that can hire a board of advisors, arrange a roadshow, and help you with investor relations.

2) BlockchainPR 

As follows from the name, this is a PR firm rather than a full-cycle agency. The website's design is suitably sleek. BlockchainPR offers services stretching from ideation and product positioning to media outreach, SMM, and marketing material design. The company is based in the US, so prepare for higher fees than those charged by agencies working out of Eastern Europe or Asia.

3) DeFi The Limits

This agency takes the top prize for the most creative name. DeFi The Limits seems to be a one-man show, founded and run by digital marketing expert Adam Marsden, who delivers many of the services personally. The key offerings are paid ads, search engine marketing, SMM, email campaigns, and graphic design for social media and marketing materials.

4) X10 

X10 publicizes itself as “a smart way to launch a DeFi, STO, or IEO.” It offers turn-key solutions for DeFi projects, including an initial audit, a launch package, community management, legal consulting, and listings on DeFi aggregators. Media placements and influencer collabs are also on offer. A particular feature of this agency is that it can promote a project in specific Asian markets, including Japan, Korea, and China. Growth services for IEOs, STOs, and ICOs are also available, though the heyday of such projects is clearly over.

5) Coinbound 

Another specialized agency, Coinbound focuses on influencer services. It promises to make your brand go viral with the help of the biggest names in crypto. Apart from influencer marketing on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Coinbound offers SEO services, PPC advertising, social media management, and display advertising through its own network, Coinbound Ads. The website also features a nicely designed blog. However, the project founders should consider that influencers aren't a magic bullet: a big audience and many likes don't always translate into conversions and investments.

6) 4ire labs 

This is a software development and consulting firm, but it deserves a place on our list as a complement to the marketing agencies. After all, many founders prefer to outsource research and development, at least at the beginning. The firm is a joint Swedish–Ukrainian venture, with delivery centers in Kyiv and Stockholm, so clients may be able to benefit from the relatively low Eastern European development costs. Apart from architecture design and implementation, 4ire labs offers design sprints and an asset tokenization platform.


This agency's bold motto is “traditional advertising is dead, while emotions are forever.” Note the smooth monochrome design of the website – one of the most pleasant in our top 10. Rather than a full range of marketing services, Crynet specializes in media buying, with over 100 verified suppliers. It can also help you with your communication strategy, dApp production, and investor relations. Crynet was extremely popular at the peak of the ICO/IEO popularity, and while it isn't promoting itself as a DeFi media agency specifically, it can surely serve DeFi projects as well.

8) Coinzilla 

Coinzilla is an advertising network that aims to be “your go-to source of crypto traffic.” It focuses on personalized campaigns, where you can customize your ads, audience, and budgets. Ad formats include classic banners, native ads, headers, sticky banners, and more. There's also a content marketplace where you can buy press releases, articles, and so forth. And if you wish to learn more about crypto advertising, the site also offers a handy knowledge center.

9) Priority Token 

Priority Token has been in the business of crypto marketing longer than any other agency: since 2016! Its services for DeFi form a turnkey package that includes project auditing (starting from $10k) and a business case setup: white paper, financial model, and tokenomics (from $25k). There's also a full legal package with an audit, legal opinion, and incorporation in Switzerland – expect to pay at least $45k. Marketing packages start from $10,000.

10) ICODA 

This marketing firm stresses its data-driven approach to getting leads. It offers traditional crypto marketing, PPC ads, influencer marketing, and PR, together with promotion in the Chinese market. ICODA can also help you with website design, smart contract creation, and even blockchain development. The firm has offices in Vilnius, Minsk, and Moscow.

With so many DeFi projects popping up, marketing agencies won't suffer from a shortage of work – at least not while the trend lasts. Do you know of any other firms worth including on this list? Write about them in the comments!

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