End of Service for the Weather Underground API

We’re contacting you today to tell you about some upcoming changes to the Weather Underground (WU) API and what these changes mean for you.

The WU API has been around since 2010 to help you develop apps and websites as well as manage your Personal Weather Station data.  During that time, we’ve watched you build amazing products and visualize weather data with creativity and purpose.

Over the years, our infrastructure has struggled to keep up with the growing numbers of users coming to us for API data. We realized we needed to make changes to ensure the highest level of quality, performance and uptime for our API users.

As a result, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire the Weather Underground API. The Weather Company, which acquired WU back in 2012, offers a powerful suite of enterprise-grade APIs that might be better suited to meet your scale and performance needs while offering a broader range of weather data. You can see these products here.

Here’s what you need to know going forward:
  • Your subscriptions, and therefore access, will continue to work through 12/31/2018.
  • If you are a paying WU API customer, you will receive a call from a representative from The Weather Company, and IBM business, to discuss transition options to other API services. If you’d like to have these conversations sooner, contact us.
  • If you are a Personal Weather Station owner, you will receive more information about our plan to offer free access to the data you provide to Weather Underground. We’ll reach out once that plan has been finalized.
  • For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes, you will have access to a new plan for a personal use, low call volume API. Stay tuned for more details as we build this out.
  • The WU Forum will continue to be the best place to connect, keep you informed, share your feedback and get your questions answered as we go through this process.
We are grateful for your commitment to Weather Underground and appreciate your understanding and support as we work through this process. These changes will allow us to continually improve our services and develop new features to keep WU a thriving place for you for many years to come. Thanks for being part of the community. Sincerely,

The WU Team

"If you are a Personal Weather Station owner, you will receive more information about our plan to offer free access to the data you provide to Weather Underground. We’ll reach out once that plan has been finalized."Personally I am not worried about getting history of my data I send to you. it is written to SQL on my site as well.

I think most PWS users that run a site would like to know if you could confirm there will be a forecast offered via API to PWS Owners or not?


Yes, we expect to have basic forecast data included in the API offering for PWS owners.  Can you let us know what your needs are for forecasts?  We want to focus strongly on the needs of PWS owners for this new API.

Hello. I work for a Fortune 100 company and we are users of the Weather Underground API. Recently, the free API stopped working and we are interested in purchasing an API key.  I have filled out the Contact form twice and tried calling your sales office. After 2 weeks, I have yet to receive a response. I would like to know how to resolve this issue as this is impacting our production applications.

We are a private school running a few PiClocks for weather and forecast data.  We would like to set up more PiClocks in the future but without weather data, it's kinda a dead project.  Will there be any API offerings for education?

Hi Brian, 
Someone will reach out to you shortly to review your options,  We are asking customers to move to our API offerings through the weather channel.  These APIs are supported by a much larger team and are much better suited for using in production systems.  The downside is they tend to be more expensive.

As someone who has been sending data to Weather Underground for a while, but who just recently got in a better position to use the api to pull my own data, the fact that keys are no longer available is very disappointing.  I appreciate the issues that were raised, and the possibility of eventually getting access to the data I provide, but not having a timetable or a plan in place prior to cutting off new API keys isn't helpful.  Hopefully we will hear something soon, but will be looking into alternatives in the meantime.Aaron 

Hi Tim
reading between the lines, I sense that it has been the mis use of the free api's and WU data in ways that was never intended that has put too much strain on the server's and that is what has prompted the removal of the free api's as they are now and a move to a different system aimed at commercial customers who can afford to pay more and will, yes? (if so I can understand that, as some systems have relied on wundergrounds data as your guys expense  too much)

Hi, I am a non-commercial user of the API and would like to receive updates whenever available to learn about the new plan. Can I subscribe to a mailing list to be alerted when the new plan is made available? Your API is the most accurate weather data source I could find for my budget and I'd hate for my app to suffer due to a less efficient API. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes, you will have access to a new plan for a personal use, low call volume API.
What about developers who use the API for commercial purposes? The new Core plan API might have what I need, but it also has way more than I need. And the fact that there's no price listed anywhere makes me think that this will be priced far beyond what I can pay. My users want to view current data from a specific station. It's a small app that I made as a hobby project in my spare time, I'm not a big business (or a business at all). I have a small but loyal user base who like the simple and quick data presentation that I provide. I make enough to cover the current API costs, but If it costs even double what the old API was, then I'm out.

There are discounts available for legacy WU users. 
We don't have a list available for changes to the API, please check back here periodically for announcements

WU doesn't want anyone to know what the cost or what the API will look like until it's so late a lot of users will have to stay. Any decent company would have informed their user base long ago about the changes so they could make the necessary study of how it affects them. They have ignored for over a year any request or bugs. They kept this a tight secret until now. You only have about 2 1/2 months from now until the current API is discontinues. That's a horrible way to run a company and I bet it doesn't change much once it is switched over. Start now to find another source to upload your data and get information about other API's. If you think WU is the best place to be, you are incorrect. There are much better companies out there.Anyone who wants to know a better place let me know. I can give you one.

Yeah, this is a ridiculously short amount of time for developers to switch. Developers should have several months to actually work with the new API before the old one is cut off (especially since new API's will probably be buggy - developers working with it early can help find those). And we don't even have API documentation yet to know if the data we actually want to get to is included or not. Before they said that access to an individual station's data was not going to be part of the new API, but now the info page for the Core plan kind of sounds like it will after all, but it's not clearly stated for sure. Maybe it's just talking about a location rather than an individual station. Weather buffs want THEIR station's data presented to them, not just for the general location.

As a PWS owner providing you data for free, you are just going to cut me off.  Maybe I should stop providing you data.  You need to take care of those providing you that free crowd sourced data.
I am the author of the popular WU-forecast.php script which allows personal weather website owners to display the WU forecast for their area using the WU API key.  The script is in use on several hundred websites around the world.  With the upcoming discontinue of the WU API, these sites (most of them WU data contributors) will not have a forecast to display.Will there be a free API key for the Weather.com API for low-volume use offered so I can rewrite the script for the new API?  If not, I will likely have to discontinue the WU-forecast.php script (making several hundred current users quite peeved, in addition to my strong disappointment that WU continues to shed functions that have long been supported by your data contributors).

I unable to create an account

I have several PWS deployed in Guatemala, and had advocated in Latin America about WU platform for years as a way to make weather data available to more users specially in Latin America where met services lack this kind of information.I convinced a lot of people in the region to deploy PWS's because I noted that the forecast got better after some days of data being sent, I think that the PWS network that all wx enthusiasts like us helped to built is one of the big assets that made WU appealing to TWC and then to IBM.I understand business decisions, but as many has mentioned before, as a PWS network user and WU site user I feel all this was abandoned since these Corporate changes. The crowdsourcing model made you and all users had access to realtime data in remote location like yours and like ours in Latin America.

I just want a fair treat with a forecast API for users that has contributed to this platform (many of us for years when WU was a great startup). Just imagine how many hours in development has been invested like what saratogaWX has mentioned that must start again from 0 or loose what accomplished.

BTW, I came here via a Google search, did not received an email, all of you fellow PWS owners receive something ?


I am using the Wunderground service to control my garden watering sprinkler system by weather parameters. The OpenSprinkler system used is a commercial product, but it is used for non-commercial purposes. The weather parameters needed are yesterdays mean temperature, yesterdays min. and max. humidtity and yesterdays and todays precipitation summary. A 4-day weather forecast is also retrieved for convenience reasons.  All this data is send to Wunderground by my own PWS via Meteoware for Netatmo and retrieved by OpenSprinkler software via my free Wunderground API key at a low call volume rate. In summary historical, current conditions, astronomy and forecast data is requested on an hourly basis.The question is now will this service be stopped by the end of the year? Is it just a new API key? Are there changes in the API interface that need software adaptations?

We need to urgently upgrade from Shower plan to one with higher limits, I can't do that online anymore. Submitted request with weater.com - no response so far. Please have someone contact me asap.