Real Payday Loans

You may be one of many people who need emergency cash fast. Your car may have broken down, you may have urgent medical expenses, or maybe a utility bill that is overdue, and so on.

You probably already tried all the alternate methods to get the extra cash to take care of your needs. So, you are looking for a real payday loan with an online firm you can trust. That is why you have found CashOne, a long-standing U.S. company that has served so many over the years.

Quality lenders get the license they need to operate in every state that allows payday loans (most of them). The licensing process varies by state but is a rigorous process that protects consumers and ensures that the fees associated with the loan are within state regulations. That is why we work with licensed lenders.

Licenses are required for legitimate payday lenders that want to lend money in your state. There are plenty of online lenders that do not have a license to lend money in your state.

Lending criteria varies by state because every state has different lending criteria and laws. You can review your state’s lending laws on their website.

But here are a few lending criteria that are pretty universal. You should:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid ID or license
  • Have a bank account
  • Have an email and phone number (cell is just fine)
  • Provide any other basic information as needed by your lender

You may be asked for some additional information by a lender if your loan request is accepted.

There are quite a few licensed and properly run payday lenders both offline and online. Offline requires you to drive around and find a storefront and complete an application with each one. No sense in wasting your time and gas money doing this. You can request your loan online in just a few minutes, less time than to drive to just one storefront. And your request will be presented to more than 120 lenders. This means your request is more likely to be accepted. Of course, not all requests can be fulfilled.

Simple, we have been in business for more than a decade and have worked hard to find licensed, legitimate lenders to serve you. And there is no cost to you for using our services. You only pay your loan fees if you are accepted by a lender. And it is fast, secure, and easy to request a loan. We have served over 500,000 customers and look forward to reaching the 1 million mark. Our service has made the difference to many Americans and we are not an offshore company like so many others.

Get a real online payday loan with CashOne. It only takes minutes and can be your answer to that emergency cash need you have… RIGHT NOW!

Yes, CashOne has been in business for years and is US-based so you can trust we will do all we can to assist you.

First, look at the history of the site. CashOne has been in business for almost 15 years, unlike so many fly-by-night operators. We are US based, unlike the offshore companies that often do not follow our laws or commit fraud. Only work with US-based, long term companies.

Yes, most real payday loans do not require a credit check as lenders do not find this helpful. Most of those requesting a loan have poor credit so their income is far more important than their credit history.

Generally, no. Lenders usually deposit your cash, if approved for a loan, directly into your bank account, and also recover the loan in the same way on the date agreed upon for payment. Without a bank account, they can not get the money to you or get the loan payment when it is due.