How to Livestream for Free

What we do: Our site is a guidepost for free, simple, and easy do-it-yourself livestreaming. We stay on the bleeding edge, trying out various livestreaming apps, and reporting our findings. Currently we find Facebook Live to be the #1 best way for FREE do-it-yourself livestreaming. Note: we last checked September 26th, 2018.

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Woman recording wedding using Facebook Live
  • checkmark 100% Free
  • checkmark Live stream any event – weddings, parties, etc.
  • checkmark Sets up in less than 5 minutes
  • checkmark Record straight from any smartphone, iPad, or tablet
  • checkmark Get your own personal Facebook page
  • checkmark ANYONE you choose can watch

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What is Stream2Site and who maintains it?

Stream2Site was made by someone who wanted to livestream their wedding day and researched how to do it. We strive to be the ultimate guide to free do-it-yourself livestreaming. We constantly review many sources of free livestreaming apps, such as Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We only report the single one we find to be easiest. Currently, we find Facebook to be the best. We are not sponsored by nor receive commission from Facebook or any other company.

Why Livestream at all?

So your guests who can’t make your event can still watch online.

What are benefits of Facebook Live?

It’s the best free, do-it-yourself way to livestream. Also, anyone you choose can watch your wedding, even people who don’t have Facebook accounts.

Is it really free?

Yes. For ZERO cost you can livestream any event, such as a wedding.

What will we need to take live video?

Any video-taking device that is connected to the internet and has the Facebook App installed. So any smartphone, iPad or tablet will work.

How and why do we create a Facebook Page in advance?

Creating your own Facebook Page will give you a '.com' web address you can send people to. It also ensures anyone without a Facebook account can still visit your web page and watch your livestream.

How would we know if its set up properly?

Easy! You can check by simply recording a practice video.

How long will it take to set everything up?

About 10 minutes total. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to create one which will take another 5 minutes.

Who will be the camera person?

That’s up to you. Any wedding guest or videographer can take the live video. It will take under 2 minutes to show them what to do.

Can we pay you to set this up for us?

We recommend you follow our free instructions yourself. You can email us any questions and can donate if you'd like. However, if you really want us to set up everything for you it would be $250/event.

Can you summarize how it all works?

You’ll be creating your own Facebook Page. You can send your page’s '.com' web address to anyone you choose. During your event, you can record and post live video using your Facebook App. Anyone visiting your Facebook Page, even those without Facebook accounts, will be able to watch your videos.

How many videos can we take and how many viewers can watch at once?

There is no limit to how many viewers nor how many videos you can upload. However, no individual video can be longer than four hours per Facebook policy.

How long will the video stay online?

It will stay online permanently unless you either delete it or delete your Facebook account.

Stream2Site was founded (September 2018) by someone, just like you, who wanted to livestream an important event in their life (their wedding day). Our site serves as an up-to-date resource on free do-it-yourself livestreaming. We are not sponsored by nor receive commission by any company we promote. Our opinions are our own.

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