Give & receive reviews from users and experts

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You have a working product or website and want to improve it?

With roastMe, you can easily get feedback from other users & from experts.

We provide expert programmers, designers, product owners & more to give you the best solution in all ambits (from performance to design).

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No matter at which stage you are in, from prototyping to final design, with roastMe, you can improve your product just before starting. Find hard-to-understand elements, improve menus, fonts or the whole design.

Let `pixel perfect` people talk to you!.

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You came up with a nice idea and you need to know if somebody is interested? If it is a good idea? It happens to all of us!

With roastMe you can obtain rapid feedback and focus on what is important.

Know how to monetize your idea or business plan, from product owners, business angels and more!

  • 1 per user
  • No minimal roasters guaranteed
  • 20 maximum roasts
  • Alive for 1 month

  • 1 per user
  • Unlimited time & roasters
  • Get 1 expert feedback for your roast.
  • Promote your roast for more feedback

  • As premium roast plus:
  • Get 10 expert complete feedback
  • Private video review of your product
  • Partial profesional product review: SEO, performance & teach advice

We get inspired from the comedy world, where you put in the middle and receive criticism. In the last times we saw a few of them across the Internet (for instance here). Now, we want to create a specific portal for this.

I have to pay to participate?

No. You can write a free roast and always make free comments, give feedback, recommendations, ideas, critics, etc.

I want to contribute as an expert

Amazing! Write us at roastmexyz (at) and explain a little about you, your background and expertise. We will contact you! Or you can login, complete your profile and click here: Become an Expert

Take care. It is called `roast`, but you should always give positive feedback. We discourage aggressive and offensive language. Is not the same: This design sucks! that: IMHO this design is very bad for X and Y. Always try to be constructive.

I can do it for free at X (twitter, indie hacker, etc.)

Yes, probably yes. But with roastMe, you are supporting a hand-made little business and you will get real expert feedback & we will work hard to get you more and better feedback. Take a try!

I will get paid for being an expert?

As an expert, you will have a regular fee (1$) for every roast that the system has been assigned (plus 1,5$ deppending on the quality). If somebody chooses you directly, you will get your specific fee (chosen by you) to write your comments.

Receiving feedback is always a good thing. With roastMe you can discover your product pitfalls before or after launching, discover what users thinks of your product or ask for design opinions.

Making a roast will grow your audience and generate traffic to your product.
You can easily share it and increment the impact of your lauch.

Sharing your ideas, product or design will let you from the `fear or launch` and you will be amused of how others love to help. Maybe you find your new collaborator or your very first client!