Spaces is Here

By Don Mosites

Any group, any asset, anytime. Today we’re rolling out a new AirSwap that supports custom trading environments called Spaces, enabling groups to discover, converse, and make decentralized trades. Connect now at

Every trade starts with a connection: a mutual interest with distinct needs, circumstances, and languages coinciding to agree on terms.

We’re introducing Spaces — unique environments geared to support connections among groups that trade — whether for token network developers, digital asset collectors, trading desks or financial institutions.

AirSwap never takes custody of assets, does not host a central limit order book, does not match orders, and does not charge trading fees. The simplicity of our design creates enormous flexibility, letting us focus on creating the tools for traders to organize, discover new counter-parties, and make decentralized trades.

Much trading happens over-the-counter (OTC) as block trades or in lower liquidity assets that require coordination, conversation, and negotiation. This activity happens not in the nanoseconds of a high frequency trade, but in the minutes, hours, or days it takes to discover and trade with a counter-party.

To support these time scales, every Space has a “Board” that is powered by the AirSwap Indexer, and a “Stream” to receive messages and updates. This enables both active and passive counter-party discovery: there may be an automated or manual maker online ready to trade, but if not, post to the board, and you’ll be notified when there is.

Secure direct messaging between counter-parties is critical. While Spaces fits into any workflow and can be used in tandem with other tools and messaging platforms, AirSwap enables counter-parties to establish direct, peer-to-peer connections that are encrypted end-to-end so that message intended for you can only be read by you.

The AirSwap Network has active makers providing trades through the AirSwap Widget, which are also available through Spaces. Integrating this liquidity maximizes the chances you’ll find a counter-party for any trade. To build a maker that provides trades on AirSwap, our developer series is a great place to start. Join our community at

Whether a professional trading desk with a rigorous onboarding process or a consumer token network looking to coordinate participants, spaces can be created and configured to meet your needs and make the right kinds of connections on a worldwide trading network.

Our mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade. By bringing decentralized trading to any mixture of people and contexts, Spaces extends trading beyond borders.

AirSwap is here — and Spaces will take it everywhere.

Visit AirSwap to check it out.