The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things or IoT means embedded physical devices and (vehicles, home appliances etc…) animals with a computerized system such as software, sensors etc… In this technology, those every device got the ability to work automatically, automatically responding according to the environmental changes and exchange data with another or more devices without any involvement by a human. This whole system was built by the great combination of wireless Networking and the Internet. The main purpose of the Internet of Things is improving the efficiency and accuracy of devices. And also it helps economically and time-saving for the people.

The Internet of Things belongs to thousands of devices that you can imagine and you don’t. So that is the speciality of the Internet of Things. IoT includes smartphones, headphones, vehicles, light bulbs, refrigerators, coffee machines, security systems and alarms and many other Home and Mobile devices. The experts of the field already estimate the Internet of Things will connect all over the world with more than 30 billion things in 2020 and global value of the market will reach about $7.1 trillion at the same year.

Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things work

These every single object of that belongs to the Internet of Things are need two main parts which are the help to work efficiently and helps to manage for its owners’. And also there are few methods to embed IoT devices and things with each other. The first and very important thing is the Internet. The Internet of Things objects’ controlling point is the Internet.

The second one is a Smartphone or mobile device Bluetooth device) because of those every IoT objects are need another device or more to get exchange the data and messages from each other for its working progress. And it is the only way that you can control your IoT objects as you need even without your physical presence.

Internet of Things

When you are going to control it by using a Smartphone you have to install an Application on your phone which is that specially made for control and manage the devices.

How the Internet of Things embedded with other devices.

Internet of Things is using various kind of connecting paths to embed and share data with thousands of devices and things each other. Basically, offices and homes are using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system. These are the most famous and using wireless networking methods nowadays. Also, there are LTE and satellite technologies for connecting electronic devices to each other that belongs to the Internet of Things.

What can do through the Internet of Things

You may wonder about the things that are really possible to do from the Internet of Things. But the reality is the IoT has the ability to do so many things that you can never imagine with thousands of devices.

Leading Applications of IoT.

Smart Homes

A Smart Home means a house and its devices are controlled by a fully automated system. Following are the best examples of a Smart Home and its devices.

Internet of Things

If you are using the Internet of Things connected light bulbs at your home those can detect when you are leaving the room or home and forget to switch off the lights, then the bulb will feel what was happen and the bulb will automatically turn off by itself.

Also, you can switch on every single bulb in your home even from the other side of the world. Especially this is a very important thing that you will need when you aren’t at the home. Because you can switch on bulbs in your home at the night to showing you are at the home and switch off them in the morning.

You can connect CCTV cameras into the internet which are mounted at your properties and watch those recordings’ from anywhere through your Smartphone in 24×7.

Make contact and talking to your visitors from the inside the home through a camera and a microphone before you open the doors.

Attached automated doors and gates in your home. Those will work automatically by the specific sensors on those devices.

It can feel do you still working with the machine and if you don’t it will shut down by itself. Also if you are coming home in the evening by finishing your works, then you can send make a message to the Coffee machine to make a coffee for you.

There are devices that can control the heat inside your home. Typically those devices have the ability to switch on and off heating systems by sensing the external and internal air temperature of the home. It will switch on the heating system when the air temperature goes below its level and switch off again when reaching the required temperature.


Another growing thing of IoT across the globe. It has already got lots of investing from leading companies like Google and Samsung.

Wearable devices are made with sensors and software to collect data from the users while they are wearing it. And later device will analyze those data and report to the users.

Wearable Internet of Things devices is base on health, fitness and environment equipment.

Connected Cars

The digital technology on vehicles was based on optimizing internal functions of vehicles. But when IoT involve as a connected car, then automobile got the ability to optimize its own operations, maintenance and also passengers safety with the help of sensors and the internet.

Smart Cities

This is another great invention by the Internet of Things. A Smart City can control lots of things by an automated system. Smart Surveillance, Water supplying, Electric Gaining and Supplying, Automated Transportations, Urban Security are few examples of a Smart City.

So these are just a few things that can do on the Internet of Things to our lifestyle. But as I mentioned before there thousand of IoT things in the world.

Internet of Things involved industries.

  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Banks
  • Food services
  • Oil exploration
  • Agriculture
  • Defence
  • Smart Buildings

Internet of Things Security and Privacy.

So this is a rising issue of the Internet of Things devices because of those connected devices can be easily hacked by cyber attacks and leaked very sensitive personal and business information of consumers to a third party.

There are two main reasons why those IoT devices are can be easily hacked because of the first reason is every IoT devices are connected with the internet and the other thing is many Internet of Things Devices are manufactured by much smaller companies that haven’t resources and time to place correct security structures in right positions.

So the Internet of Things will be a massive evolution in every single platform in near future. It will bring the automated processing for every object of your life and the human invention will end.