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"Serverless September is our once in a year opportunity to keep talking about Serverless to our friends without feeling bad about it. To make things more exciting, we get the entire month of September, for 30 days, to tell the community how we are using Serverless."

Throughout September, we're going to add new articles to this collection Monday to Thursday. Are we taking a break on Friday? Not at all. On Fridays @madebygps and @codebeast will live stream hacking the best and the most interesting bits of Serverless. A recording will be available here shortly after the live stream has ended.

And here's the content you are looking for. New additions happening every Monday to Thursday throughout September 2020:

Sep 4, 2020:
Live Stream on Chris Nwamba's Twitch Channel at

  • PDT: 7am
  • EDT: 10am
  • GMT: 2pm (UTC)
  • CET: 4pm
  • SGT: 10pm

Sep 3, 2020:

  • Automating with GitHub and Azure Function apps by Barbara Forbes
    GitHub and Azure Function apps can be a great combination when it comes to Serverless automation. How about automating the management of your GitHub repository, files and issues? Or the other way around: use GitHub Gists or a repository as a data source for your function app. In this post, we will walk through some connections between GitHub and Azure Function Apps, how you can securely implement them and why it will make you happy.

  • Create an Angular todo list with Azure Static Web Apps by Haitham Shaddad
    What about deploying your app and reach millions of people? Do you want to just one service to make all this possible instead of going through multiple services to manage your frontend and backend? In this series, Haitham explains how to accelerate development of modern web apps with a static frontend and dynamic backend (powered by serverless APIs & Serverless CosmosDB) using Azure Static Web Apps.

Sep 2, 2020:

Sep 1, 2020:

@codebeast briefly described the initiative and started the call for contributions in August here:

What if you want to get started with serverless right away?

Here's some great starting point on Azure:
· Azure Functions Documentation (Product Page)
· Create Serverless Applications (Learning Path)
· Video: A Deep Dive into POWERful Serverless Applications (July 2020)

Kudos to @nitya for creating the Serverless September 2020 artwork (used as the cover image here). Feel free to use the image for any content (article, tweet, post or similar) you create.