Triplebyte - Head of Growth

San Francisco



About Triplebyte

Triplebyte is a hiring marketplace used by companies like Apple, Dropbox and Stripe to hire the best technical talent. We've built a credentials blind process for evaluating technical skill and use this to help companies hire great people from any background. At a recent CTO summit, senior engineering executives and leaders from over 160 companies including Apple, Google and Slack said:

"Triplebyte has garnered a following. It's a service that helps candidates take coding quizzes that qualify them to connect with a number of jobs. As an employer, there's an advantage, because you only have to pay per hire you actually make."

We just raised a $10 million Series A from great investors including Initialized Capital, Jessica Livingston, Paul Graham and Marissa Mayer. You can read about it here:

You can also read some case studies with a few of our partner companies like Instacart, Mixpanel and Gusto and also learn more about us on our press page.

About the Role

Triplebyte helps thousands of engineers find their dream company and work. Most have heard about us through word of mouth or referrals. Your key responsibility will be growing the number of engineers w'ere helping each month. You'll be responsible for hiring and leading the growth team.

Growth channels that are already working for us and that you'll be responsible for scaling are:

* Online advertising spend (our current online advertising manager will report into you).

* Affiliate programs

* Content marketing

* Product funnel optimizations (user feedback, A/B testing, etc)

You'll also be responsible for continually experimenting and searching to find new growth channels that are equally or more effective. Our goal is to be top of mind for every engineer when they're first considering their next career move.


    • Previous experience working on user acquisition and growth. Doesn't have to be on a growth team, we just want to see evidence you've worked on this class of problem before.
    • Experience with hiring and managing a team. You'll be immediately managing one person and then a team of three fairly quickly.
    • High comfort with data and analytical thinking. A strong understanding of statistics will be a huge advantage for both being effective in the role and being a cultural fit.
    • Strong project management, execution, and communication skills

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salary and stock options package

Open vacation policy

Employer paid health, vision and dental insurance

401(k) plan with matching

Pre-tax commuter benefits

Daily catered lunches

Our Mission

We believe strongly in building a truly meritocratic, unbiased process for finding great talent. Even the best technology companies today still use where people went to college as a proxy for intelligence and ability. We're building a process that looks only at ability, not credentials, so we can have a future where everyone can focus on just learning and being good at what they do, not how they look on paper.

Every aspect of running a company has been improved over the last decade, except hiring. Most decisions are still made using amorphous terms like "gut feel" or "culture fit". They should be made using crisp data. Only a company specializing on this problem, using data collected from the hiring process at hundreds of companies, can solve it. That's the company we're building. Our mission is creating a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently routing it to the best place. Starting with software engineers.