Sourcegraph is now open source

By Quinn Slack on October 1, 2018

Sourcegraph development is now open source at (Apache License)! You can now contribute to Sourcegraph:

We opened up Sourcegraph to bring code search and intelligence to more developers and developer ecosystems—and to help us realize the Sourcegraph master plan:

  • Make basic code intelligence ubiquitous (for every language, and in every editor, code host, etc.)
  • Make code review continuous and intelligent
  • Increase the amount and quality of open-source code

We're also excited about what this means for Sourcegraph as a company. All of our customers, many with hundreds or thousands of developers using Sourcegraph internally every day, started out with a single developer spinning up a Sourcegraph instance and sharing it with their team. Being open-source makes it even easier to start using Sourcegraph in that way.

Organizations using Sourcegraph can upgrade to Sourcegraph Enterprise (previously called Data Center) to get the features that large organizations need (single sign-on, backups and recovery, cluster deployment, etc.). These additional features in Sourcegraph Enterprise are paid and not open source. The success of Sourcegraph Enterprise makes it possible for Sourcegraph Inc to keep working towards our master plan.

Beyond open-sourcing Sourcegraph's code and development, we're also opening up other product and company processes. Our product roadmap, browser extension, website, open job posts, and much more are now public, too. And the Sourcegraph master plan has always been public.

See you over at the Sourcegraph open-source repository!

Thanks to Philip Thomas, Jay Taylor, Kevin Wang, and Dan Bentley for feedback on the open-source repository's docs and scripts, and to all of the AUTHORS who have contributed to the project so far.