Simple Analytics

  • We just show you the essentials: pageviews, referrers, top pages, and screensizes.

  • We don't use cookies or collect any personal data. So no cookie banners or GDPR to worry about.

  • When a service is free you are the product. We won't ever sell your data. As a result, we need to charge.

Get started

For easy setup, just add our 2 lines to your page and you're done!
By default our script supports modern frameworks like Vue, Angular and React

<script async src=""></script>
<noscript><img src="" alt=""></noscript>

How to install?


To keep it simple we only offer a few metrics:pageviews, referrers, top pages, and screensizes.

These metrics will provide enough basic insights for most websites.

See our live analytics dashboard


We designed our analytics in a way that doesn't track your users.
We don't collect any data that’s not necessary.

We don't track people · What do we collect?

  • Easy to install, clean UI and GDPR friendly. Nothing too fancy, great alternative to G analytics without the steep learning curve

  • If you’re done with letting your users being tracked by giant corporations, you should try Simple Analytics. It’s a minimalist and privacy-friendly Google Analytics without the tracking.

  • Pro's: Simple, Easy to Setup, Clean Design, Public Stats, Contains only the metrics I check, GDPR friendly, Privacy Focused. Cons: None.

I'm a solo developer who actually wants to build a great product. I'm very thankful to my users, and especially the paying users who make building this product possible. Thank you!