OpsGenie is joining Atlassian!


Today we are delighted to announce that Atlassian has entered into an agreement to acquire OpsGenie.

Six years ago, my co-founders and I recognized that always-on services were becoming commonplace, customers’ expectations were growing, and service disruptions had increased potential to impact a company’s revenue and reputation. As a result, the pressure on IT professionals was changing, but the tools to help them stay aware and in control of issues were not. OpsGenie was founded with the mission to modernize these tools and help teams respond faster to incidents. We have grown a world-class team relentlessly focused on improving the lives of Dev and Ops professionals.

OpsGenie started with on-call management and reliable multi-channel alerting using emails, SMS, voice calls, and mobile push. As we grew, our product evolved into a platform empowering teams to plan and prepare for incidents, collaborate on the solution, and analyze their response processes to increase operational efficiency.

Today OpsGenie’s platform has processed hundreds of millions of alerts helping our 3000+ customers maintain the always-on services that are critical to their businesses. We are proud that OpsGenie improves the uptime and reliability of so many services, from popular gaming applications to energy production systems, that touch all our daily lives.

I speak for the entire OpsGenie team when I say we are extremely excited about the next chapter in our story. We have been long-standing partners of Atlassian and share their philosophy to empower teams through open work. We believe that all aspects of incident management can be improved with streamlined communication and collaboration between teams.

Today, we are also thrilled to be an integral part of the new Jira Ops offering.  Jira Ops will provide a better way for software and IT teams to manage incidents by providing all the key details, from alerting to resolution, in one place.

There is still an incredible amount of work to be done. We look forward to evolving our future products within the Atlassian portfolio, empowering teams to learn of incidents, take action as fast as possible, and tame the chaos that results when incidents arise.  

I personally want to thank each of our customers that have trusted OpsGenie to help keep their most valued services running. We would not have gotten to this point without you. We hope you are equally excited about the future of incident management. We will continue to work hard to deliver the high-value, quality products you expect, coupled with outstanding customer service.

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