The U2 Modular Pillow Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live Today

By U2 Sleep

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U2 Modular Memory Foam Pillow | $49 | U2 Sleep

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night and waking up to stiff and sore neck muscles? A new Kickstarter campaign lets you snag a new, modular memory foam pillow from U2 at half off MSRP. The Super Early Bird backer level requires a pledge of $49, and you’ll get one of their new pillows shipped to you no matter where you are. But you’d better hurry, there are only 500 available spots for this pledge level.

The U2 memory foam pillow Kickstarter is running until July 22, and if you miss the Super Early Bird special, don’t worry; starting at $59, other pledge levels will net you one of their pillows below MSRP. At $89, the next step up lands you two pillows, or a pillow and U2 mattress in sizes from full to California king ($659-749).

The U2 pillow is made of three layers of vented memory foam so you can customize the height from as high as 4.7 inches to as low as 2.8 inches for a personalized night’s rest. The zippered cover is made of hypoallergenic cotton for enhanced comfort and to wick away sweat to keep you dry and cool all night. The foam features a contoured shape to fit the curve of your neck and head like a glove and keep your spine aligned while you sleep either on your back, stomach, or even on your side.

If you would like to bring your U2 pillow with you while you travel for vacation or business, you can snag a U2 pillow capsule. When you roll the pillow in the travel capsule, it reduces the size of the pillow up to six times, making it the perfect size to slip into a suitcase or carry-on bag for a great night’s sleep no matter where you are.

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If you’re interested in a mattress and pillow combo, the U2 mattress is made of the same high-quality, ventilated memory foam as the pillow. Each mattress and pillow is put through rigorous stress testing to ensure long-lasting durability and comfort.

Not quite convinced? Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers has endorsed both the U2 pillow and mattress because they provide him with the quality of rest he needs to stay at the top of his game. Each pillow and capsule ships to you in a sturdy box to prevent damage as well as a card that lets you register your U2 pillow for the 5-year warranty. Each pillow is also backed by a 7-70 night satisfaction guarantee; so test it out for a week or a month, and if you’re not satisfied, contact the company for a replacement or refund.

Backers who refer friends who also end up backing the campaign can earn free rewards. One friend referral will earn you a U2 pillow case, five friends earns a capsule, 20 snags you a second pillow, and 50 successful friend referrals lets you snatch up a U2 memory foam mattress.

Disclaimer: U2 provided a review sample for this sponsored post.