Atom 1.30

Atom 1.30 is out now, providing many new fixes and improvements including the ability to check out Pull Requests on the GitHub tab and new languages supported in Tree Sitter.

View and check out Pull Requests

The GitHub tab (open with Ctrl+8) shows the pull request associated with the current branch at the top. Underneath is a list of the most recently created pull requests. This lets you stay informed about new pull requests and keep an eye on their build status even when switching to another branch.

pr list

Clicking on a pull request in the list opens a pane from which you can read its description, follow its conversation, get more details about its build status, and even check out its source code. It’s a handy way to switch between branches that have pull requests without ever having to bother about the branch name.

checkout PR

If the current branch has no associated pull request, the GitHub tab offers you a button to push your current branch and create a new pull request on

open pr

Emojis in commit messages

The recent commit list now renders :emoji: in commit messages: :cake: :tada: :confetti_ball: Need inspiration for adding emojis to your commits? Here are some suggestions from the Atom team.


GitHub package metrics

To help us see what’s useful and what isn’t, for those of you who have enabled metrics :bow:, we are now collecting activity metrics for GitHub package usage. We’re also beginning to migrate our collection endpoint from Google Analytics to our own metrics pipeline. Moving forward, this will help us make more informed decisions about what capabilities are most used and which are less useful or less known.

New languages supported by Tree-sitter

Atom’s new parsing system, Tree-sitter, now supports Ruby. It can also now handle files that contain multiple languages. So far, we’re using this capabilities to parse the following combinations of languages:

  • JavaScript inside of script tags in HTML files
  • JavaScript and HTML in .ejs files
  • Ruby and HTML in .erb files
  • HTML inside of certain template literals in JavaScript
  • HTML inside of certain heredocs in Ruby

Other language combinations are easy to add. The relevant APIs are now described in the Atom Flight Manual.

Don’t forget to check out all the other improvements shipping with Atom 1.30 in the release notes! :memo:

Atom Beta

Atom 1.31 Beta

Usage Metrics Improvements

We replaced Google Analytics and all usage metrics are now flowing through GitHub’s internal analytics pipeline. For more details on these metrics changes, check out this blog post.

Metrics graphic

Tree Sitter

Tree Sitter grammars can now more easily detect file languages based on the first line of content. All Tree Sitter grammars now use their original TextMate scope names. The JavaScript Tree Sitter grammar now highlights regular expressions in your code. Also, Tree Sitter grammars for JavaScript and Ruby have been improved to more accurately highlight special variables and tokens.

Tree View Improvements

Tree View has received many improvements such as the ability to add project folders using drag and drop from your file explorer, support for dragging multiple items to move them, and adding custom styles for ignored files and directories. Git status for project folders is now reflected in the color of the project name. Keyboard navigation with arrow keys in the Tree View now behaves more predictably with nested folders. Also, hideIgnoredNames and hideVcsIgnoredFiles play nicely together. All these improvements were made by Atom community members. Big thanks to @denis-sokolov, @synthetiv, @captin411, @50Wliu, @ungb, @anderoonies, @uzitech, and @viddo. :heart:


More Pull Request Details In GitHub Package

The GitHub package now displays the username, branch, and repository of each pull request.

Pull Request Details

There are many more details in the release notes.

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