Social media and website design might seem like two different concepts of digital marketing, but actually, they are quite interlinked with each other. There are many ways in which social media impacts the way that a website is designed both directly and indirectly. The reason behind this dependency falls back on the popularity of social media platforms. 

The use of social media in Bahrain has increased a lot in the last decade, irrespective of the age and background of the user. It is safe to say that in a way Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have changed the traditional ways of human interaction. It has brought a huge change in consumer behavior as well, impacting marketing or rather digital marketing strategies. 

Social media and website development rose to popularity simultaneously, making them the key to the marketing success of any business. 

The Interdependence of Website Design & Social Media

It’s not just the top brands, but the small businesses in Bahrain, too have an online presence and tend to focus on its development a lot. Considering the social media statistics in the region, it makes sense why businesses stress using these platforms for the promotion of their services and products. 

In the recent May 2020 report, it was issued that Facebook has the highest engagement followed by YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. No wonder businesses pay attention to social media marketing, even when they are planning the website. (Source:

Every web today has direct links to the social media pages and vice-versa, to keep the visitor informed of the services. It is very useful to direct potential consumers directly to your page. Therefore, one can say that website design and social media complement each other for upholding the online reputation of a business. 

Adding Social Media to Website Design in Bahrain

Given below are a few ways through which you can improve your online visibility by adding social media to web design:

  • You can place the social media icons on your website that links to your respective pages. The icons should be easily visible and easily accessible to the visitor. The design of the website has to ensure that the icons get a good amount of hits. 
  • Use call to action linking the social media platforms in multiple places across the website, especially the pages that get the highest number of visitors. Encourage your visitors to like, follow, and share your content through the creative use of web design and development. 
  • Social media logins are also a great way to increase consumer engagement. Besides using the usual email login, you can implement in your web design the elements that enable consumers to log in through social media platforms.  
  • In 2019, it was recorded that around 3.46 billion people around the world access social networking sites through mobile. By now, surely that number has increased. Keeping that in mind website design should support mobile versions as well, allowing the user to switch from social media page to your page directly and vice versa. (Source: )
  • Website page content and other elements must be made shareable to different social media platforms for better digital marketing results. 

To conclude, it is essential to integrate the social media pages with the website design so that the business can connect with the consumers better and in a more interactive manner. That is where the relevance of linking social media with website design Bahrain lies.

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