Moving Forward with Manuscript

By Anil Dash

First, the fundamentals: For current Manuscript customers, nothing is changing today — neither functionality nor licensing. And good things are changing in the future. We see lots of good progress coming, like long-overdue platform improvements, modernization of infrastructure behind Manuscript, and a re-engagement with the community to revitalize one of the most venerable and respected tools for creating great software.

Manuscript has been part of Fog Creek’s DNA for nearly two decades. First as FogBugz, which pioneered the market for bug tracking and project management, and then later with the addition of Kiln, which was groundbreaking in its innovations around version control. Then, with last year’s launch of Manuscript on top of that FogBugz engine, came the expansion of the ambitions of the platform to provide all the core tools needed to make great software.

But honestly, we’ve been resource-constrained as a small company to do justice to Manuscript, especially as Glitch has taken off and demanded our attention, and the market for software project management tools has gotten more competitive. So recently, we started looking at whether we could find a new home for Manuscript that would provide it with the investment and focus needed to not just support the current users and functionality of the platform, but to expand both.

Today, we’re letting the world know that we think we’ve found that path forward, with the team at DevFactory. The same team that’s been developing and supporting Manuscript at Fog Creek has overseen a transition to DevFactory’s processes and infrastructure for weeks, ensuring that this transition is seamless for users.

We’re proud of the nearly 20-year history that starts with FogBugz, leads to Manuscript, and has brought us to this new chapter. We’re thankful to all the people who’ve used these tools over the years. And I want to thank in particular the many team members, past and present, who’ve helped create a platform that’s enabled so many people to do their best work.

Here’s to the next chapter in Manuscript’s evolution, and to the continued success of the innovative community who’ll continue to build inspiring work with the help of the platform.