Coronavirus US live: cases still increasing in two dozen states amid push to reopen

By Joan E Greve (now) and Joanna Walters (earlier)


Trump has threatened to “strongly regulate” or close down social media platforms that do not meet his standards for ideological balance, a day after Twitter, for the first time, slapped a warning label on a pair of Trump tweets spreading lies about mail-in voting.

“Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning. “We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen.”

Trump in the past has made threats about media censorship that he did not then act on, and any attempt by the White House to shutter a media organization would encounter robust first amendment challenges in the courts.

In 2018 a federal judge ruled the president could not block people on Twitter, because it violates their first amendment rights to participate in a “public forum”.

Trump has previously praised Twitter for allowing him to take his message directly to followers, and despite his claims of being “silenced”, social media platforms have been a boon for Trump.

His current campaign has rebuilt a targeted advertising operation on Facebook that was widely credited with helping Trump win in 2016.



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George Floyd's sister says cops should be charged

The sister of George Floyd, the black man killed by police in Minneapolis after an incident captured on video in which an officer knelt on his neck as he lay on the ground, has called for those involved in his death to be charged with murder.

Bridget Floyd said on Wednesday morning that the officers, who were fired on Tuesday, “should be in jail for murder”.

‘I cannot breathe’: graphic footage shows lead-up to death of George Floyd – video

George Floyd, 46, died on Monday. The FBI and authorities in Minnesota have launched investigations into his death. The officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck is white.

Bridget Floyd struggled to hold back tears as she spoke to NBC Today about the family’s shock and grief.

She said: “Me and my family are taking this very, very hard. It’s very heartbreaking, it’s very disturbing.”

Huge protests took place in Minneapolis on Tuesday night. Police in riot gear fired teargas and rubber bullets into the crowd.







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