Coronavirus: 15 things you can do from home during quarantine

By Amaira Gill

Amaira Gill

Do you need ideas of things to do during quarantine? In this article, we propose some of them so that the confinement becomes shorter and, incidentally, you can make the most of these days at home.

Order the wardrobes in the Marie Kondo style

Surely you have heard of the KonMari method and the order guru, Marie Kondo (if you have not, we recommend her series on Netflix). This method indicates that you should only have the things that make you happy and that everything else, you must throw it away or donate it.

You have also probably seen the curious way of ordering clothes, according to Kondo. It is folded in such a way that it stands upright. Thus, each garment takes up much less space and breathes.

If you have always wanted to make your KonMari method, now is a great time to take out everything you have inside the cabinets and put them in order.

Hang that frame or that shelf

You bought it months ago, and it was there. No time to measure, take out the drill, and show off that frame or hang that shelf in the bathroom. The moment is now!

Do a thorough cleaning of the house

There are things that you clean every day or every week. Such as the kitchen, the countertops, picking up the dining room, tidying up the rooms and so much more. But, other tasks doing them once or twice a year is already enough. Another thing to do during the quarantine that saves you the rest of the year is that besides being useful. Some examples of long-term cleaning are:

- The washing machine filter

- the oven

- curtains (trick: hang them before they dry, so you don’t have to iron them)

- the mattress (including turning it over)

- the fridge (take advantage before you go shopping so that, when you fill it with your weekly purchase, everything is clean)

- the carpets

- ceilings and walls (yes, they also collect dust)

To paint! Or get your handy side

Take advantage of giving a review of the walls of your house and the ceiling, which already needs touches. Or perhaps you prefer to redecorate the living room opting for a different colour?

If you are a DIY lover, you should know that companies like Leroy Merlin or Ikea offer you some free courses.

Organize the storage room

The storage room, the garage, “multipurpose” room, or the tailor’s drawer are the various names of places that have a lot of useful things. The important thing is to order and throw away what you don’t need!

Make a photo album together

Recover all photos that are scattered around the house and make among all that the album that was pending. You will have several afternoons of memories and guaranteed laughter.

Spend time together doing activities you like

Play board games, dance, sing, paint, do puzzles; Whatever, but together.

Take out your old console and have fun as a family

Bring out your freakiest side — kids will love it! Get your old console back and play as a family. Tell them your stories of how you played at their age and set new records together.

Also with those who are far away

Video calls are the order of the day. Although you can’t see your whole family or friends in person, nobody said you can’t have a coffee with them virtually.

Start a new and improved version of you and your family together. Make sure you do online sessions daily.

Courses, courses and more

On top of things to do during quarantine, we believe it is vital that you look a little for yourself. You can start by recycling yourself and take the course you always wanted, but it could never begin due to lack of time. From English, Photoshop, cooking, guitar. Or even more specific to improve your work. We recommend that you take a look at Domestika or LinkedIn.

Read that book that already collects dust on the shelf

There’s probably more than the one you bought, and you never had time to start. Now is the perfect time to read it!

Start your novel

If you’ve always wanted to write a book but couldn’t find the time to do it, you already have a goal during this quarantine. Now is the peaceful time when you can be to yourself and think about the novel.

Start taking care of yourself

You can start a healthier new life: quit smoking, eating better, starting to exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. It keeps you healthy, but it has many other benefits, such as slow aging and an active lifestyle.

Learn to cook

You can also start using the food processor. Or join the fashion of batch cooking and cook in 4 hours for the whole week.

Or enjoy your free time. Another fun way to learn cooking is you can have virtual cooking competitions with your friends.

Maximum leisure watching movies and series

If you don’t want to do anything useful during confinement, enjoy your free time. For example, watching movies and series. Sign up on some streaming television platform and do one marathon after another: on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Rakuten TV, FlixOlé, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.

Other than all of the activities we have stated above; there is one more activity that interests every human being. This activity is shopping. You can spend an ample amount of time shopping and comparing various products over the internet. While you are at it, The Bath and Body Works Discount Code, Groupon Coupon Code, Noon Coupon Code will help you get some major discounts in your shopping spree during the quarantine.