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Initial Client Consultation

Understanding what historical SEO activities have taken place on a site and having an understanding of future expectations allows NetTonic to build a bespoke strategy for each client. During the initial consultation, we will view benchmark data showing where your site is positioned compared to your competitors and discuss options based on investment.

A comprehensive SEO Audit is designed to provide a complete snapshot of the state of health of a given website to ensure that the customer can build a solid foundation for future online marketing efforts, maximise return on investment and improve natural search rankings.

The key purpose of SEO Audits is to prepare a comprehensive report that covers virtually all of the aspects that are hindering or preventing the website from accurate ranking on the world’s leading search engines, as well as provide detailed recommendations on how to remedy these problems.

NetTonic will work to provide you with extensive keyword research along with a competitive analysis to determine the best keywords to target. We will utilize online tools, analytics, paid search data and a potential competition analysis. Generally for each campaign we recommend a mix of short and long-tail phrases.

NetTonic will provide an initial report that will show your current position within the search engines, current website traffic, keywords, etc. This will you gauge the progress throughout the campaign. By directly reviewing and comparing your competition, with regards to traffic, branding, and navigation, we have a better knowledge of where you stand against your direct and indirect competition.

Nettonic operates an online facility that allows clients to manage all their project data in one place thus eliminating the scenario where information including emails, spreadsheets, and monthly reports are scattered across different email messages.

Included in your monthly reporting will be information showing, completed tasks, recommended actions, keyword positions, traffic trends, and organic conversions.

Our services are extremely varied not in what we do but more in how much we do for each client. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and to better understand how we can help we really need to understand your expectations. We have clients that spend £250 with us each month and then others who pay many £1,000s what we have to do is match what can be achieved with the budget you are looking to invest.

Invoiced Monthly: No guesswork and no duplication, our SEO services are all about the ethics and white hat methodologies. As they say “there is no shortcut to success”, we painstakingly adhere to the detailed guidelines issued by the search engine giant and help you reach the top, from the most credible path. Prices start at £500 + vat per month.