[Special K] HDR10/scRGB (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix - [Final Update] :

[Special K] HDR10/scRGB (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix - [Final Update]

Update: (8/19/18)

    I am moving on to Shenmue I and II, I hope for your sake that Capcom eventually removes their unstable anti-debug code. I doubt they will, but it would earn some good will and set them apart from the other immoral developer (Square Enix) who is also selling you unstable software with poorly written code that I've partially circumvented for you.


I'm working on various improvements for this game, and wanted to release something for the community.
      • HUDless screenshots
      • Texture/button mods
      • Pre-HUD ReShade
      • Fixes for Fullscreen Exclusive problems
            Click the Device Resolution button in Special K's control panel -- the engine uses the wrong window dimensions when transitioning modes.

      HDR10/scRGB Fix (Requires HDR Display Device)

        Special Test Version here[github.com]
        To use HDR10 (not suggested), select HDR10, Rec2020 Gamut and Inject Metadata
        To use scRGB (run game in Fullscreen Exclusive), select scRGB, then tweak the mid-white and gamma sliders to your liking.

    HDR Display Owners:

    A work-in-progress HDR FAQ is available here.

    Non-HDR Display Owners -- No More Washed out Colors:

Download and Install

  1. Grab this archive[github.com] from GitHub.
  2. Extract it to your game's install directory (steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)


    Press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to open Special K's config menu.

      HUDless screenshots can be configured under the Steam Enhancements / Screenshots tab

Custom ReShade

    Follow the normal Download and Install procedure, using this archive[github.com] instead.

      The shipping preset is configured to test pre-HUD shading and nothing else, you can go into the ReShade directory and fiddle with stuff to your content. You DEFINITELY do not want it the way it's setup out-of-the-box :P


    If the mod does not work, third-party software (especially FRAPS!), anti-virus software or Windows 7 is usually to blame.
    Windows 7 has a half-dozen optional updates that you need to install to use modern software such as mine; it's easier just to upgrade to Windows 10 :P
      If after closing third-party software the game still does not start, please paste logs/dxgi.log, logs/modules.log and logs/game_output.log to pastebin.com and provide a link in a post.
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Originally posted by Kaldaien:

Originally posted by JBeckman:

Well what else is there to try.[MonsterHunterWorld.CPU]KillAntiDebugCode=false

Does it work to undo the tamper setting by setting that in DXGI.ini?

That just stops the kernel bottleneck from consuming an entire CPU core and preventing other threads from running.

Technically, it also allows anyone crazy enough to wan to mod this game to get a debugger attached and start stepping line-by-line through the code without Capcom crashing their own game.

Then there's nothing else really other than compiler differences no?That's the only option added and other than this back and forth performance hit and compiler issues there's nothing in the config file that changed.So third party software, anti virus solutions, OS settings and that's not going to be easy to troubleshoot at all whatever it in the end might come down to.EDIT: Windows Defender, Ansel and some other stuff really. Increasing log level to full on 5 and getting the entire bit of what's going on perhaps if it catches the issue at all and isn't just going to be a lot of code with no relevant information at all.EDIT: So that or turning off all optimizations and distributing that as a alternate and just seeing if it works.And the fun part of trial and error until the thing breaks again since without being able to replicate it on your own end it's a lot more difficult.So Windows 10 RS4 and Windows Defender again then? I keep it off for manual monthly scans myself and everything is working but I can't see it breaking things this badly.(And appcompat I guess and if that got flagged due to constant crashes...how to clear that then? Well it's up to the users I guess and maybe the log file would indicate the application compatibility .dll as a clear outing for if that's it.)

EDIT: Well suggestions isn't going to cut it in either case, inability to replicate the issue is going to be a problem too relying instead on log files and hoping the software catches the needed data before the program terminates.

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