Ella's First Rabbit Is a Perfect Vibrator for Beginners

Ella’s First Rabbit | $40 | Ella Paradis | 50% Discount Applied Automatically
Ella’s First Rabbit | $40 | Ella Paradis | 50% Discount Applied Automatically
Graphic: Gabe Carey

Ella’s First Rabbit | $40 | Ella Paradis | 50% Discount Applied Automatically

As our period of social distancing and quarantine isolation drags on, we’ll be bringing you a series of sex toy reviews to help you make the best buying decisions to keep your solo sex life buzzing along, or to spice things up for couples (or thruples or etc, etc, etc.) who may be experiencing some boredom in the bedroom. On deck today is the Better Love Ella’s First Rabbit.

Better Love’s Ella First Rabbit is a rabbit-style vibrator that features a motorized shaft and external, rabbit-shaped tickler. It has three rotation speeds and 12 vibration patterns, and is designed to elicit a blended vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Ella Paradis is offering Inventory readers 50% off its Better Love line, including Ella’s First Rabbit; discounts will be applied to your cart automatically.

The Details

Ella’s First Rabbit is a TPR (thermoplastic rubber) rabbit-style vibrator, meaning it has a motorized shaft for internal stimulation and a rabbit-shaped tickler for external stimulation. The shaft is 9.7" and insertable up to 4.5"; the shaft and the rabbit are controlled by separate motors, allowing for much more customization of speed and pattern than other rabbit-style toys, which have a single motor that powers both the shaft and the tickler.

Rabbit-style toys are designed to elicit a blended (vaginal and clitoral) orgasm.

Ella’s First Rabbit is battery operated and waterproof, so it can be used in the tub. It can be cleaned with soap and water, or with toy cleaner, and it should only be used with water-based lubes.

Who the Better Love Ella’s First Rabbit Is For

Ella’s First Rabbit sort of predicates its entire existence on being for the newcomer to rabbit-style toys, but to my mind, its biggest selling point is its low price. Inventory readers will get 50% off the list price of $79—which is still lower than many comparable products!—bringing the cost down to $39.50. That is a VERY good deal on a vibrator.

Ella’s First Rabbit would appeal to the following:

  • Beginners who know they want dual vaginal-clitoral stimulation;
  • People looking for an inexpensive alternative to pricier silicone toys;
  • Someone who wants a toy that can be used in the tub or pool.

What The Test Vaginas Thought

Once again, I assembled The Test Vaginas (The T.V.s) to help bring you this review—and boy am I glad I did! Ella’s First Rabbit was a polarizing toy for us; one of The T.V.s loved it, the other was much less smitten, and I was somewhere in between them. But not literally because we’re not that kind of friends!

Ella’s First Rabbit | $40 | Ella Paradis | 50% Discount Applied Automatically
Ella’s First Rabbit | $40 | Ella Paradis | 50% Discount Applied Automatically
Graphic: Jolie Kerr

The Test Vaginas’ names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Teresa: I don’t love the Rabbit. It’s really stiff so I can’t really move with it at all. And I felt like I couldn’t really get the ears in the right position. But one thing I really liked is the size of the shaft!

Jolie: LOL you would.

Dina: I like the rabbit but you definitely have to get the ears in the right place! I like that it has different settings for the dildo and the rabbit ears.

Jolie: Yes the separate motor settings! To me, that was the big selling point of this vibrator—even though I typically don’t like the patterns, so the 12 pattern settings were mostly lost on me—I did very much enjoy having the ability to make the rabbit do something (or nothing!) while the shaft did something else (or nothing else!)

Teresa: The vibrating is also kind of intense for me.

Jolie: Okay so I, too, found the vibrating intense BUT ALSO I had a lot of success with turning the rabbit’s motor on and using the shaft as just a dildo, rather than as a vibrator. Also, I didn’t find the rabbit that stiff—I think I almost like the feel of a TPR tickler more than a silicone one—but I did have a hard time getting her in place.

Dina: Sometimes the rabbit part was a little too intense but then I just moved it a little. I liked that I could set it up and lay there like a dead fish watching porn and just let it do its job.

Jolie: Oh okay that’s smart. Your laziness is an inspiration to us all! Ummm can we talk about the noise factor though? It was ... mechanical in a way I found distressing.

Teresa: Oh we can. It sounds like a horror movie where all the sex toys are going to come alive and attack me like a sexy, perverted Toy Story.

Dina: Agree! It’s SUPER loud. And … I don’t love that it’s battery-powered. But that’s just because I don’t usually have batteries.

Jolie: Weirdly, I did have triple A batteries on hand. No idea why that is but I was glad I did!

Dina: It’s important for people to know that if you try and steal batteries from a remote it doesn’t work. It needs new strong batteries to hip-hop-hop along.

Teresa: Oh yeah! We thought Dina’s was broken, but it turned out the batteries just weren’t strong enough.

Jolie: So the lesson here is to buy some batteries, I guess? And definitely go for the brand with the bunny, just to tie the whole experience together, right?