We already have seen the effects of Covide-19 on the retail market worldwide, and also the massive recession in the GDP due to how great it has hampered the businesses. However, with the ease of the restriction, there are many questions about how the market would move now.

The malls and retail shopkeepers who have been greatly hampered have breathed relief after the ceasing effect of coronavirus. However, there were some shopkeepers which have yet not stopped their ramp in business by offering things online to the customers. If you also want things to buy online, then you can apply different promo codes such as Noon coupon code, Amazon coupon code UAE, and centrepoint coupon code

The shopkeepers, who have been waiting for over a month for getting this lockdown over, are relieved hugely after getting the news that the malls could be open between 12 pm to 10 pm. However, there is a limitation in their capacity. The announcement adds that malls would open at a 30 percent capacity. The malls in Abu Dhabi have also started showing a spark of life in them.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Limiting the capacity of the malls would regulate the distancing rule among the people. In this way, the market can achieve its pace, and not only that, the confidence within the customers can also be rebuilt. An individual can overcome the fear of risking their lives and the lives of their beloved one by going to the market in-crowd. Therefore, it is a great step toward reducing their fear.

Though the elevation in the graph of income and footfall of customers, the slowdown in the cases of coronavirus could lead to boosting the confidence within the retailer, which is an important milestone in the growth of the economy.

Studies and reports conclude that there would be increased usage of disinfection, thermal screening tests, and sanitization tunnels in the malls after this lockdown gets over. There are other requirements which are also getting fulfilled for example, Nakheel has asked for increasing the security staff by 30%. His requests for installing sanitization tunnels at larger malls for workers have also been accepted.

When compared with the business of last year’s March, a huge downfall of as much as 60% in the business of non-food retails can be seen while preparing stats. However, when the same stats are checked for groceries, there is a massive increase in sales; the elevation is as much as 40%.

The virus has compelled the mall’s owners to shift their business online. With this widened idea of business, the businesses which were previously retail have now shifted their tactics to e-commerce operations.

This crisis, born as an effect of Covid-19, had brought a widened the spectrum of the business environment.

Among the shopkeepers with their shops in malls wants a rent relief. This is another perspective from the point of view of shopkeepers, who haven’t generated any revenue yet but are asked to pay the rent of their shops.

The rent is nothing more than a burden on the shoulders of the shopkeepers now. Therefore, keeping in mind the sanity of the shopkeeper’s pocket, the matter is regularly under a part of the concern.

Directions for the customers to go for shopping in the mall:-

  • The customers must not pay with cash on the shops, instead, the credit cards, debit cards should be preferred. This request is made in order to avoid the spreading of Covid-19.
  • For shopkeepers: if the customer claims to have no method of smart payment, then the cash shall not be rejected. It should still be considered as a valid way of payment.
  • The items which are tried by the customers must be sanitized properly, before mixing them with the other products. Moreover, shoppers must possess a mask on their face while trying the items in a mall.
  • The customers must respect the rule of 2-meter spacing between them. The rule should be maintained in all kinds of common areas including service desks and customer service. However, if two individuals of the same family visit a mall then the rule needs not to be followed by them.
  • Another major request from the customers visiting the malls for shopping purposes must not make use of more than 30% capacity of the elevator.