A home for the ambitious outsiders of the world

Apply with any project you need help with. After 30 days, the best players will receive $5,000, a round-trip ticket to Silicon Valley, and access to mentorship from some of the world’s most successful individuals.
Deadline August 26th 11:59pm PDT
Pioneer has a network of experts across different fields. Experts both review applications and provide advice to the best Pioneers. After 3 months Pioneers present their work to experts on a global stage.
The world is full of extraordinarily creative people that are struggling to fit in. They find their current life is too bland. They’ve read all the books in the local library. They don’t find lectures engaging. They just want to go somewhere more interesting, where they can be with peers that will motivate them. Our goal is to provide the necessary funding, guidance and community in order to nurture those minds into the great scientists, artists and entrepreneurs of the future.

Geniuses come from untraditional backgrounds. Albert Einstein was a patent clerk in Bern. Oprah Winfrey grew up in rural poverty, wearing potato sacks as clothing. Marie Curie was a starving student in Paris, rationing herself on bread and water before discovering radioactivity. The differentiator of the Ivy League isn’t curriculum. It’s brand and network. Pioneer aims to scale those elements. Our goal is to build a decentralized network of young, creative and exceptionally motivated outsiders who don’t fit in to the traditional system.

Pioneer is open to all. There is no country limit. There is no expertise limit. Do anything you want with the money: spend it on books, a new computer or coffee. You only need a webcam and an internet connection to apply.

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