Program Manager (Operations) at New Incentives

This is a fantastic opportunity for somebody who is looking to play a pivotal role in saving lives in the world. You will be working on some of the most important priorities of the organization, including figuring out methods that will result in lower infant mortality rates through an increase in immunizations.

New Incentives is a YC alum and GiveWell-seeded charity with the goal of becoming a leader in evidence-based development aid. Join our mission to save lives using incentives to tackle a challenge that has long plagued Nigeria; less than 20% of infants in North West Nigeria are fully immunized! Due to this, immunization-preventable diseases are the leading cause of infant mortality.

The program seems to be working. We generally see at least 3x increase in volume after the program in comparison the numbers before. We're achieving this simply by giving small amounts of cash, a little over a dollar, every time an infant receives her next series of immunizations. This type of intervention is called Conditional Cash Transfers or CCTs and large countries like Mexico and Brazil have been doing this at a large scale with promising results. However, giving cash comes with significant difficulties and operational excellence is required to create an organization that can make a significant counterfactual difference in the world -- we define counterfactual as the estimated number of infants that would not survive without the program.

While we are seeing a significant increase in volume, there are still many families that are not coming to access immunization services for their infants. We are seeking candidates who can help understand the other barriers towards families not coming in to get their infants immunized despite the internal motivation and the financial benefit.

As a data-driven organization, the person responsible for this would have projects with concrete deliverables and outcomes. The right candidate will have significant autonomy with direct supervision by the Chief Operating Officer and other executives. We are currently scaling the organization to run a historical, large-scale Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) on a study that uses CCTs and effective education/sensitization.

What you will get from the opportunity:

  • A job that will directly lead to more counterfactual lives saved
  • Opportunity to use a wide-variety of skills to deliver results
  • Flexibility of schedule and ability to remote work
  • Pay that depends on your skills and fit with the role
  • Position with significant growth opportunities
  • A challenging role where your ability to absorb information and take action will matter
  • Opportunity to visit our field operations in Nigeria
  • Executive supervision and access to justified resources
  • Ability to run fast-paced experiments, assess results, and make decisions
  • Work-life balance

You are a good fit if you meet all or most of these criteria:

  • Experienced making data-driven decision
  • Creative and resourceful when faced with tough challenges
  • Willingness to visit the field in Nigeria to spend time understanding the context and experimenting in it
  • The ideal candidate will have experience working in developing countries
  • Self-driven and experience managing programs and results oriented
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Experience creating surveys and using it to understand concerns and propose concrete solutions
  • Comfortable with a flexible, iterative “test and learn” approach
  • Experience managing budgets for cost-benefit analysis
  • Ability to use Google Sheets and Google Apps
  • Critical thinker: you have the ability to think at the 20,000 ft level and execute at the base level
  • Detail-oriented: you are diligent in reviewing details
  • At least 4 (and ideally 7+) years of work experience
  • Comfortable with intense discussion and debate
  • Interest in/ability to work in a fast-paced, startup environment

We are hiring for this job ASAP. This job has a trial period and evaluation periods attached because of the importance of the work being done. We want to invite applicants who are highly motivated, smart, and have demonstrated a good fit with the organization's principles of accountability, diligence, communication, planning, and can manage their time well. In this role, you will receive significant responsibility and will be responsible for delivering consistently. Which means that this role is only for those who are able to meet the challenges of a quickly growing organization with a disruptive program and unique execution. If you succeed in this role, there will be significant opportunities to grow.