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Discover trends, recent facts and interesting data about your blog in real-time:

  • blog views in the last 30 days
  • views in the last 24 hours
  • the most viewed day
  • how many optimized SEO posts you have
  • views timing per week day and hour
  • how many published posts every month in the last year
  • the evolution of the average words per post
  • how many published posts you have right now

Learn more about your blog audience:

  • top languagues
  • percent usage of mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • top browsers
  • top countries
  • top operating systems (OS)

Watch in real time the visitors in this moment:

  • how many people online right now
  • how many visitors last hour and max high
  • list of visitors individually: browser, OS, country, referrer, post and time online
  • top posts
  • top countries
  • top referrers

Discover in real-time your blog performance in the current month and year, switching in just one click:

  • blog views in the period
  • published posts
  • average view time
  • top 10 most read posts
  • top countries
  • top referrers

Automatically get in your inbox every month and year a report about the last period performance. Of course, you can enable or disable each one.

  • Total views, new published posts and average reading time in the period
  • Top 10 Posts
  • Top 10 Referrers
  • Top 10 Posts
  • Includes link to your dashboard for more info

You can customize your layout anytime:

  • Dark mode in 1 click
  • Left menu toggle available
  • Automatic, special version for mobiles, tablets and desktops

Find out what can you improve in which posts in order to get more views via search engines and social networks:

  • Posts without meta description
  • Too long meta description
  • Without featured image
  • Too short posts
  • Including direct link to edit each post

Discover the performance of your topics, find out the best and worst posts by average daily views and reading time.

  • Top posts by daily views, newer ones first
  • Worst posts by daily views, older ones first
  • Top posts by reading time, shorter ones first
  • Worst posts by reading time, newer ones first
  • Includes link to read the post

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