The e-commerce revolution: How shopping online is taking over every-day retail

By Mary Jane Tauyan

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The e-commerce revolution: How shopping online is taking over every-day retail- Dubai blog

A gift of technology

Among the best possible exponents of the rise of tech and its influence of tech in your lives, online shopping stands out. A reflection of how our lives have grown to be dependent tech and the comforts provided by it, online shopping has changed the way how we shop- for the better. Thanks to the rise of online shopping platforms, referred popularly as e-tailers, shoppers now have access to all sorts of products, offerings and brands. With the shopping store brought to our home and tools to make shopping more fruitful and easy, technology has radically altered the paradigm in the retail sector. Shopping online now means more choices, better offerings, informed decisions, greater discounts and, most importantly, lots of time saved! 

The changing face of retail

With the need to go out and visit the stores to shop eliminated, e-commerce or online shopping is now the preferred mode of shopping for people all over the world. With a rise in the number of such service providers, more and more people are now making their purchases online, shifting from mall shopping to online shopping! Shopping for your favourite products no longer entails that long trip to mall, those long queues or those tiring trails. Now, from the comfort of your home, you can access the best of brands and their products from your mobile device. Online e-commerce platforms like Noon and Centrepoint are leading the way in this retail revolution. BE it the latest mobile, the trendiest dress, those funky sneakers or grocery supplies to keep your kitchen going, all your daily needs can now be conveniently shopped for online!

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Shopping made easy

With a rapid shift towards online shopping through e-commerce platforms, the online shopping industry is now one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Adding more and more users every day, online shopping platforms now cater to needs of all types of people, businesses and other custom requirements. Providing millions of products from the best of brands- both big and small, across all types of lifestyle categories, these platforms provide the best products at the best prices and ship them to your doorstep in very little time. 

From dresses to smartphones, from laptops to televisions, from groceries to bath essentials, and from game titles to school supplies, online shopping platforms provide products across all sorts of categories. 

The players who make it happen”

In a sea of e-commerce players, we now see two of the more popular ones: 

  • Centrepoint: A major player in the UAE and Middle East, Centrepoint is a big name in the e-commerce sector in the region.  Its profile is as follows: 
  • Centrepoint operates in the UAE and North Africa, having set up shop in 2005
  • Under one roof, it offers some of the best brands in the region
  • Shoppers can shop for all categories. 
  • Individual retail brands like Lifestyle, Shoemart, Baby Express and Splash are featured exclusively.
  • With  Centrepoint promo codes being provided, your purchases are made cheaper. 
  • Perhaps the most famous home-grown e-commerce platform, Noon provides products and offerings across all lifestyle and shopping categories. Some more info about Noon is as follows: 
  • Backed by the region’s big players, it’s value is worth billions of dollars!
  • Operating in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it provides and delivers all shopping products across the region. 
  • Categories like beauty, fashion, clothing, electronics and others are featured with offerings from countless brands.
  • Some of the biggest brands featured on Noon include Nike, Apple, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, L’Oréal Paris, and Gillette
  • Savings and big discounts are provided thanks to discounts made available via Noon Coupon Codes.

With the rise in the e-commerce trend, myriad platforms have opened shop and seek to service this ever-increasing need of shopping online. To get the best online shopping experience, we suggest sticking to proven platforms like Noon and Centrepoint. With offerings for all your needs and a catalogue that spawns almost all your lifestyle needs, shopping is easier than ever. Deliveries are quick and for a minimum order amount, your deliveries are done free of cost! 

Multiply your savings with

A major reason for the surge in popularity of these e-tailers is the attractive pricing and offers they provide on products. With no middlemen and products coming directly to you from the manufacturer, shoppers get the benefit of cheaper prices. Further savings are added when incentives like promo codes and discount codes of e-tailers become available. To get the best deals, coupons and vouchers for your online shopping, visit With promo codes and deals of all major brands and platforms, it is your ultimate savings guide. 




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