Our goal is to build a lasting, global company, and the only way to do that is to hire an exceptional team. To make it easy for candidates we run a fast, efficient and transparent hiring process. Before we begin recruiting for a new role we make we have clarity on exactly what we’re looking for, and design a bespoke process for each role. It’s just as important to us that you come away from the experience understanding what life would be like here, as it is that we learn about whether you’re right for the role.

Each role has a designated hiring manager who will be your main point of contact throughout your interview process at Thread. They are here to help you, and to ensure a smooth process. To begin, they will review your application, and if you seem like a good match, they will email you to arrange a first conversation so we can learn more about your experience and ambitions. If you’re not a fit, we’ll make sure to let you know as quickly as possible.

Remote assessments

We want to give candidates a feel for the reality of the role they're applying for. We design remote exercises that should give you this insight, while also allowing you to demonstratethe key skills required to succeed. If you really enjoy working on the assessment, this is a great sign that you may have found the perfect role for you. These remote assessments form a large part of our process, and we have them from every role— from graduate to c-level.


After that, you’ll come in to our office to interview with the hiring manager and a few other teammates, and the conversations will be focused on the role itself. Finally, we’ll arrange an interview round with our founders to focus on culture and values. If successful, we will then make you an offer and you’ll hopefully join us to have the most rewarding and fulfilling professional experience of your career to date!

Always improving

We’re constantly learning and adapting our process, so it may deviate slightly from this. You can ask the hiring manager to explain the process at any point, and they’ll let you know the updated plan. We value self-improvement, so if you have any feedback on your experience with our hiring process, please contact our Head of Talent, Melissa Trahan, on with your thoughts.