High quality video streaming made easy and affordable at scale

Cloudflare Stream is an easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand video streaming platform. Stream seamlessly integrates video storage, encoding, and a customizable player with Cloudflare’s fast, secure, and reliable global network, so that you can spend less time managing video delivery and more time building and promoting your product.

"We want our music to keep getting better. With our AI video playlist service, our user base is increasing significantly, which is putting a greater strain on our streaming capabilities. We’re excited to work with Cloudflare, because they can help us meet those challenges."
Michael Pazaratz
CEO, Rave

It is costly to build a video streaming platform for your application and it is also difficult to maintain. Cloudflare Stream simplifies on-demand video streaming by bundling storage, transcoding, distribution and playback in an easy-to-use solution that lets you stream high quality videos anywhere.

HTML5 native web player

All major video codecs and file types supported for upload

SSL / TLS 1.3 encryption included

Low cost storage

Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS) on HLS and MPEG-DASH

Customizable non-branded player

Per-minute viewed streaming pricing

Network and viewer analytics

Pay for video storage based on total video length, regardless of file size. Video streaming costs are based on the number of minutes watched instead of bandwidth.

Cloudflare's global network ensures fast delivery and smooth video playback on any device.

A developer friendly HTML5 video player is included that can be customized to match your unique branding and desired playback behavior.

"We've been delighted with our trial of Stream: it's a simple, powerful service with zero bloat that's clearly been built with a lot of attention to detail. The API-driven video upload functionality fits our requirements perfectly, and it's very easy to embed videos and customize the player. The service also has clear, fair pricing, and we look forward to streaming much more of our content with its help in the near future."
Greg Annandale
Web platform lead at Raspberry Pi Foundation
Streaming: $1 per thousand minutes viewed