This is a list of available fantasy consoles/computers. Including softwares which simulate virtual hardwares, with limited functionality. And always encourage creating and sharing tiny retro games and programs with built-in languages and tools.

FC Language Price & License Platform Display
BASIC8 by Tony Wang BASIC $14.99 Windows, macOS, Linux 160×128
Click4 by Josef Patoprsty ASM Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux 64x64
CToy by Anaël Seghezzi C Free, Zlib Windows, macOS, Linux 128×128
DRAK-0 by Drew Wibbenmeyer ChaiScript, LuaJIT (coming soon) NYOP, MIT Windows 320x240
DX8 by Robin Southern ASM Free, MIT Windows 320x256
FAZIC by Michał Kalbarczyk BASIC Free Browser 320x240
LIKO-12 by RamiLego4Game Lua NYOP, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux, Android 192x128
LowRes Coder by Timo Kloss BASIC $4.99 (F2P) iOS up to 128×128
LowRes NX by Timo Kloss BASIC Free, LGPL-3.0 iOS 160×128
nano Jammer by Morgan McGuire nano Free, BSD Web 64x64
NEKO8 by Egor Dorichev Lua, BASIC, ASM, MoonScript NYOP, ? Windows, macOS, Linux, Android 192x128
Phosphor by Marc Lepage Lua Free, MIT Browser 192x128
PICO-8 by Lexaloffle Lua $14.99 Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspbery Pi 128x128
Pix64 by ZappedCow PNG NYOP Windows, Linux 64x64
Pixel Vision 8 by Pixel Vision 8 Lua $14.99 Windows, macOS, Linux 256x240
PX8 by hallucino Lua, Python NYOP, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux configurable
Riko4 by Bryan Lua Free, MIT Windows, macOS, Linux 280x160
SCRIPT-8 by Gabriel Florit JavaScript Free, MIT Browser 128x128
SmileBASIC by SmileBoom BASIC $9.99 3DS 400x240/320x240
Tako 80 by pistacchio JavaScript Free, MIT Browser 160x144
TIC-80 by Vadim Grigoruk Lua, MoonSciprt, JavaScript Free/$5(Pro), MIT Windows, macOS, Linux, Android 240x136
VectorBoy by David Jalbert Lua NYOP Windows vector
Voxatron by Lexaloffle micro-scripting $19.99 Windows, macOS, Linux Voxel
VVpet by Gardrek Lua Free, ? Löve 64x64x2/128x128x4/configurable
Zany80 by Noam Preil Z80 ASM, C89 Free, Apache Windows, Linux ?
  • Order by: alphabet.
  • Language: it means built-in language for end users, not implementing language.
  • NYOP: Name Your Own Price.

People find it difficult to search this kind of software to play with, so it is relaxed for choosing available consoles. However, it’s fairly simple to tell if one is not a fantasy console/computer:

  1. Hardware such as RaspberryPi and Gamebuino are not
  2. Emulators of real hardware (eg. NES, C64, DOSBox) are not
  3. Generic graphics libraries and game engines are not
  4. Programming IDEs and editors are not
  5. Minecraft is not

As things evolving, feel free to update this list, or correct any mistakes, pull requests are welcome.