We're entering a major growth stage in our company. Check out our open roles below!

Mimir is venture-backed startup in Indianapolis, Ind., focused on creating products to better computer science. We’re striving to meet the education needs of instructors and students all over the world. Our core product, Mimir Classroom, is currently deployed in more than 75 universities - allowing computer science instructors to teach their courses more effectively!

We don’t need (or want) you to be perfect, but we expect you to work hard, move fast, and constantly iterate until we get it right. If you’re looking to be challenged every day, make a huge impact, and help define a large part of the future of computer science, then this job is for you.

The Unsick Day is a day off to visit the doctor when you aren’t sick. Miss work to take care of appointments that are easy to put off, like physicals and teeth cleanings.

There are no secrets at Mimir. Our team members know everything from current bank balance to long term strategy. As we move forward we hope to start being more transparent externally as well.

Our Vacation Policy is now two weeks to infinity. Also, one vacation a year Mimir will pay up to $500 towards your travel and accommodations.

Our remote work policy will grant everyone two weeks of at-will remote work yearly. A change of scenery can be very powerful.

The Mimir Rainy Day Fund is $75k internal fund available for ~.01% interest loans to Mimir FTEs. Shit happens, Mimir RDF is here as a backup.

The CEO’s salary will be equivalent to the salary of lowest paid in house FTE. This will be in effect until we can afford to raise everyone’s salary well above industry standard.