Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa – Everything You Need To Know

Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa – Everything you need to know Today, I will be discussing about another option for a permanent visa for Australia. This maybe an interesting visa for many people as not only it increases the chances of an invitation to apply by giving five (5) additional points, but also provides all the benefits of permanent residency including living in metro areas of Australia.

So what is different about this visa compared to the 189 visa?

The subclass 190 visa is still a points-based permanent visa for skilled workers. However, the applicants must be nominated by an Australian state or territory.

Let us now talk about key benefits of a Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa. This visa offers all the benefits of Australian permanent residence for you and your family, such as:

Work and live in Australia indefinitely with no restrictions except that you live and work in the nominated state or territory for initial 2 years while holding this visa. Different states and territories may have different requirements though. So you can:

work in any occupation and alsostudy in Australia
Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare program
Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship, when you become eligible
You can also sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence or travel to Australia
Travel in and out of Australia for 5 years as this visa is granted for 5 years every time like the other permanent visas, until you become a citizen of Australia.
Regarding, Eligibility requirements, The first thing is that you need to nominate an occupation for you based on your qualifications and skills, and that occupation must be on the Medium to Long-term Strategic Skills list. And thencheck that you meet the eligibility requirements to be able to apply for this visa, such as:

You must be under the age of 45

You must have a positive skills assessment
You must meet the minimum points test pass mark of 65 points or more
You must have at least competent English (i.e. IELTS score of 6 or PTE score of 50in each of the four components of the test – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening ORan equivalent score in any other official English tests such as Cambridge Advanced English, Occupational English Test and TOEFL)
You must meet health and character requirements
Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous visa application refused since your last substantive visa you held, if you are in Australia
Step 3:Complete a Skills Assessment
Step 4:Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect Please note that you can submit your EOI before completion of skills assessment process. However, it is advisable to get a positive skills assessment to cover the risks as skills assessments sometime may take longer than you expect and the fact that you must apply for your visa within 60 days of receiving the invitation to apply.

Step 5:Please note that for this 190 visa, you also will need to apply separately after the EoI application to the relevant State or territory body.

And, once successful in getting the nomination from a State or territory, you may be selected through Skill Select and get an invitation to apply for the visa depending upon your ranking based on your overall score in a particular round of invitation. Please also note that you will also be required to choose a State or Territory in your EoI application when claiming 5 points for State or Territory nomination for this 190 visa subclass.

Step 6:Gather your documents and apply for the visa within 60 days of the invitation received

Regarding Family members, You can include,

your partner, and

your or your partner’s dependent children in your visa application.

Please also note that, There are some obligations that states or territories will require you to meet after the grant of visa, and that may differ from state to state.

Now the most common question is processing times. Please note that current processing time for 75% of applications is 10 months, with 90% of applications processed within 15 months.

Regarding Fees, please note that the application fees of the Department is $4,045 for the main applicant and, There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa with you, For example, $202 for additional applicants above the age of 18 and $1010 for applicants under the age of 18. Please also note that there may be additional fees applicable as second instalment if secondary applicants (other than primary applicant) who are over the age of 18 and do not have at least functional English, i.e., an overall score of an equivalent of IELTS 4.5 in any eligible Official English Test, and that fees is $4,885.

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