Coronavirus Australia update live: Tasmania records second death as NSW considers pop-up testing in Bondi – latest news

By Amy Remeikis






Tasmania has recorded its second death


NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller also revealed in that press conference that the nine cruise ships in NSW waters had been formally warned that they needed to return to their ports of origin.

Fuller said he will have a phone hook-up later today with the AFP commissioner, home affairs minister Peter Dutton, and NSW police minister David Elliott to find a way to put more pressure on the ships to leave.

He said NSW authorities are helping people on board who are sick, pregnant or otherwise have urgent needs.

“At the end of the day, they’ve been issued an order by the federal government and I’ve got a meeting with minister Peter Dutton, commissioner Mike Outram, and police minister Elliott, to put some more pressure on them to go,” Fuller said.

“We are working together and I am sure we will get a good outcome over the next couple of days, ships will continue to leave sensibly, if people need medical assistance we will provide that.”







Just at the tail end of that NSW press conference, the police commissioner Mick Fuller said he “won’t hesitate” to ask for new powers to punish people for deliberately spitting and coughing on other, if such behaviour continues.

It follows vision that emerged yesterday of a woman allegedly coughing and spitting on police in Sydney, while claiming she was on her way to be tested for Covid-19.” Anyone who watched that video would surely have been disappointed,” Fuller said.

“If we see continual incline of people spitting and coughing on people then I won’t hesitate to ask for powers around ... maybe it’s a $5000 fine will sharpen people up on this.”

He also warned cruise ships that they should return to their point of origin, and says NSW is not the destination for the world’s stranded cruise ships.

Fuller warns people not to travel to their coast houses, but if they’ve already done so, then they should stay there.

“If everybody floods the south coast and the north coast, and the virus spreads, the health system is not designed to manage that. And of course the locals are concerned as well that they’re listening to self isolation, they’re following the rules, I think we’ve got to be in this together.”



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March 30, 2020