Week #2: one month from concept to $1000 revenue.

Exactly one month ago I have purchased a domain name for my service - After Idea.

The idea stroke me and I said to myself "time to go all in." Talked to my other half, bought a domain and started building an MVP.

After Idea is a service that helps people to find out what their audience thinks of their idea - or more professionally, validate market.

Most of the entrepreneurs know the feeling when you are not sure if there will be enough people willing to use your product. Well AI solves that. Instead of building MVP, investing time, money, you can order a quick market validation. We will take your idea, create a survey, research for people that are your target audience and ask them what they think and if they would use it.

We also work on existing products - if you are not sure why your business did not skyrocket - was it because of the concept, landing page or something else, you can validate the first part.

Around 100 hours later, with MVP built, market research is done, and countless test runs completed to make sure everything works I had soft launched and managed to generate $750 of revenue in a week. As expected this week the revenue dropped (no sales from marketing chats I marketed to during the first week). I still managed to pass the $1000 mark in revenue, so I will not complain!

📈 I have just finished the second week, and the stats are as follow:

746 website visits (+64 ✅)

634 unique visitors (+12 ✅)

1396 pageviews (+140 ✅)

93 seconds average time spent on the website (+17 seconds ✅)

4 sales made (- 3 ❌)

$296 revenue generated (- $647 ❌)

$0 profit made (0)

0.5% Conversion Rate (- 0.3% ❌)

🔎 Traffic sources:

~590 - Quora ($99 revenue generated)

127 - IndieHackers ($197 revenue generated)

12 - Search Engines

4 - Twitter

  • some single visits here and there

💡 What I did last week:

I have added just one answer to Quora. Most of the traffic I have got was a direct entry from my header in an answer that got featured in email digest (it reached over 125,000 people). It is related to entrepreneurs - I assumed the traffic would convert much better. The answer was added almost two weeks ago, and it receives over one thousand views a day, so not bad.

I have tried to research new communities that I can market to. I have checked TheFastlaneForum, but I am not sure there will be enough potential leads for time spent on promoting it. Maybe I will try in the future. Then there is UKBusinessForums. They offer one year of premium account for 30 pounds - this allows you to advertise in their "for sale" section. I think I might try that since I offer a service, not SAAS.

I have worked many hours on adjusting bits and bobs (changing some text, improving content, optimizing certain parts). I have fixed some bugs and performed few test rounds to maximize response ratio from surveyors contacted.

I also took 2 days off from laptop first time in 4 months. Went camping to relax and recharge my batteries. It is nice to have a business that won't collapse when you are offline a day or two. I assume this affected my sales a bit (I estimated I have lost 1 or 2 leads due to not being able to answer 'more information' request fast enough).

👨‍💻 Plans for next week:

I have installed yesterday evening Crisp Chat, and I will try to increase the conversion rate of Quora traffic. As of now, it is only 0.16% - I would like to try to bump it to 0.5% over time if possible.

I am also trying to communicate more clearly about what After Idea does and how it benefits the buyer.

I will be adding "Process" page explaining how everything works in a friendly manner.

Then adding some tooltips, adjusting some content, maybe I will have another look at the FAQ section and rewrite some of it.

I have added one more package. At first, when I started, I had six packages spread between two categories, but I thought it is too much. I switched to three and now to four packages (added one huge for potential agencies and businesses).

I will create some answers on Quora (I will try to get ten more answers and get to two thousand answer views a day), and I promised myself I would start content creation to get a new source of traffic. I am still wondering how and where to write, but I think I will stick to Medium, IH and share my creations on Reddit. The first topic I want to write about is soft launching. I want to finish it by Thursday (I am yet to start writing it). Mind that I am not a native English speaker, but I will try to learn to write engaging content.

My goal is to reach over 1,000 visits this week. I think this is doable with enough work invested. I would also like to generate four sales (so the conversion rate will be 0,4%).

You can check the service here: https://afteridea.com