Hermit: a font for programmers, by a programmer

Hermit is a monospace font designed to be clear, pragmatic and very readable. Its creation has been focused on programming. Every glyph was carefully planned and calculated, according to defined principles and rules. For this reason, Hermit is coherent and regular.


  • Monospace. Clear and readable. Nice for coding.
  • Medium, Light and Bold versions.
  • Clear, at least, on sizes 8 and bigger.
  • Symbols stand out from common text. Dots and commas are easily seen, and operators are clear even when not surrounded by spaces.
  • Similar characters have been done very distinguishable.
  • Complete Latin-0 character set (ISO 8859-15).
  • Integrated Powerline symbols.
  • OFL 1.1 License.


Images taken in Vim, with the jellybeans color scheme.


Hermit is free, as in both “free beer” and “freedom”. However, if and only if you like my work and you think I deserve it, I accept donations. But, if you don’t want or you can’t donate, I will think you are awesome anyway.


You can find the Fontforge files on this repo.

The last version is 1.21 (2013/12/21). The only supported format is OTF, which is compatible with every modern software. More format may be available on request, but they are not officially supported.


Hermit is also available in AUR, Fedora (thanks, Ryan!) and Gentoo (thanks, Patrick!).

Improvements, issues, suggestions

If you have a good idea for an improvement in Hermit, or you have found an issue, or you have a great suggestion for a future version, you can send me an email. If you are trying to explain me something you don’t like, you should attach a screenshot.

I also like emails that just say you like Hermit!

To Do in a future version

Hermit is not perfect. It was done under certain circumstances, trying to fill some needs. However, this could not be enough to fill somebody else’s needs. This is the list of those unfilled needs. If you want to know if a new version is been prepared, you can visit this site, or you can follow me on Twitter.

  • Add Cyrillic characters.
  • Add Greek characters.
  • Add more Unicode characters.


  • 2013/12/21: Hermit v1.21
    • Changed “Font name” and “Name for Humans” field, so different weights can be installed on Windows.
    • Some glyphs were not properly centered, and had a different width. They are fine now.
  • 2013/12/20: Hermit v1.2
    • Light and bold versions added.
    • ’`’ (grave accent) is now smaller.
    • ’%’ symbol is now wider and more clear.
    • ’/’ symbol is now lower. It aligns with the underscore glyph.
    • ‘⚡’ symbol is now bigger.
    • Bullet symbol is now bigger, and it’s aligned with ‘*’.
    • Black and white squares family added (U+25A0, U+25A1, U+25FB, U+25FC, U+25FD, U+25FE, U+25AA, U+25AB).
    • Black and white triangles family added (U+25B2 - U+25C5)
    • Black circle added (U+25CF).
    • Ellipsis added (U+2026).
    • White square containing black square added (U+25A3).
    • Full range of vertically-growing blocks added (U+2580 - U+2587).
    • Full range of horizontally-growing blocks added (U+2589 - U+2590).
    • ‘virtual.circum’ moved to ‘Circumflex’ (U+02C6).
    • ‘virtual.caron’ moved to ‘Caron’ (U+02C7).
    • ‘virtual.ring’ moved to ‘ring above’ (U+02DA).
    • ‘virtual.tilde’ removed.
  • 2013/10/19: Hermit v1.1
    • Dropped support to TTF.
    • Powerline symbols added.
    • Slightly improved hinting.
    • ‘⚡’ symbol added (U+26A1).
    • Bullet symbol added (U+2022).
    • Figure dash, en dash, em dash and horizontal bar symbols added.
    • ‘f’ is now thinner and more round, so it’s more distinguishable from ‘F’.
    • ‘g’ is now more square.
    • ’%’ adjusted.
    • ’-‘ (minus), ‘+’, ‘*’, ‘=’, ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘«’, ‘»’, ‘~’, ‘¬’ and soft hyphen glyphs have been moved sightly up. They are now aligned with curly braces. I hope this is their last location.
    • ’ (“pipe” symbol) is now lower. It aligns with the underscore glyph.
    • ‘virtual.i’ moved to ‘dotlessi’ (U+0131).
    • ‘virtual.acute’ moved to ‘acute’ (U+00B4).
    • ‘virtual.dieresis’ moved to ‘dieresis’ (U+00A8).
  • 2013/09/12: Hermit v1.01
    • ’-‘ (minus), ‘+’, ‘*’, ‘=’, ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘~’, ‘¬’ and soft hyphen glyphs have been lowered. They are now centered in x-height, like “short letters”.
    • ‘y dieresis’ shows now the dieresis correctly.
  • 2013/09/12: Hermit v1