Building a user-friendly mobile application has become one of the top priorities for businesses big and small in this Digital Age. It is one of the stepping stones of digital commerce that comes with numerous promotional benefits, not to mention helps one reach out to their target customers efficiently and easily.

According to market data, around 57 percent of the digital media use happens through mobile apps. There are around 2.8 million apps available in the App Store for download. Approximately 21 percent of the millennials open one app more than fifty times a day, while 49 percent of the mobile using population open an app more than eleven times a day.

The data itself proves the relevance of mobile apps for businesses these days. Mobile app development in Bahrain is both an essential as well as an extensive process. However, building and launching of the app is just the first phase. Having an amazing app, without the consumers knowing about it, does not meet the purpose of its development.

Here’s where you need to utilize the potential of social media in Bahrain. That’s why it is very important for any business who has launched an app, to have an active social media presence, as it is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective methods of promotion and marketing in the Digital Age. Making more people know about the existence of the app, increases the chances of it getting installed and used. 

How Social Media is linked to Mobile App Development?   

A user spends an average of 3 hours on social media each day, that’s how much the modern life is driven by these platforms. It does not matter whether the mobile app is new or old, constant appearance on social media platforms generates interest among the target consumers. 

Pre-Launch App Promotion

For best results, one should start promoting the app on social media platforms even before it gets launched. Creating a hype before the launch generates interest among the consumers, leading to more installations and app interaction from the very first day. For promotion one should highlight the strong and unique points of the app, to increase curiosity among consumers. 

Social Media Marketing of App

A business should leave out no social media platform for app promotion. Facebook for that matter has the highest number of users and also gives several choices to businesses in terms of the kind of content that one can post. Putting sponsored Facebook posts in the mix generates a more targeted approach towards attracting the consumer’s attention.

Instagram and Pinterest might be all about pictures, short videos, and gifs, but they are still essential marketing tools. Both social media platforms can be used by businesses to engage more with their followers. 

Due to the character limit, promotion via Twitter needs to be short, crisp and yet catchy enough to grab the attention of the consumers that you want to target through your mobile app development. Using relevant hashtags that goes with the businesses’ services and products, one can get into the popular trends, which is another great marketing strategy.

On concluding note, while it is an absolute necessity for one to focus on mobile app development for the growth of the business, without proper marketing through social media in Bahrain, the effort hardly makes any difference. So, make your business visible, with effective promotion on social media platforms.