Friday's Best Deals: Amazon Fire 7 (Kid's Edition), Excalibur Food Dehydrator, Friends Complete Series, and More

An Amazon Fire 7 (Kid’s Edition), Excalibur food dehydrator, Friends complete series, and a PS4 controller charging station ignite Friday’s best deals from around the web.

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Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition 2-Pack | $150 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Need to keep the kids out of your hair? The Amazon Fire 7 is a great way to do it, and the kids’ edition comes with a fun protective case to make sure they don’t break the thing. Amazon is currently taking $50 off the price tag if you buy two in one go. Available in Blue, Purple, or Pink, the Fire 7 Kids Edition also includes one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, giving your little ones access to educational games, apps, videos, books, and more, all completely monitorable thanks to deep parental controls.

Anker 5-in-1 USB-C Adapter | $18 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Apple loves to be ahead of the game, but sometimes being a frontrunner really messes with overall computer compatibility. With this $18 Anker USB-C adapter, you’ll be able to plug in HDMI cables, SD and micro SD cards, as well as traditional USB cords. So if you desperately need a way to plug in all your devices to your computer, jump on this deal before it’s gone!

Charge your Andriod and Apple products and effectively with the Anker RAVPower wireless charger. It’s only $17, which is $10 off of its original price. It can fully charge your devices in 30 minutes and can even deliver a charge with your phone case fully attached. Yes, I know that’s a weird way of phrasing it, but you know what I mean. It’s also formatted with cooling silicone as to not overheat your phone or the charging device itself. Hop on this deal before it disapears, and make sure to clip the coupon on the page!

If you take movies and television seriously, you should absolutely invest in the TaoTronics high contrast HD projector screen! It’s only $17 and super-easy to install. You can install it on your wall with nails, hooks, or even double-sided tape. The screen itself is also waterproof, making it extremely easy to clean if dust and other things are on it. Hop on this deal before it’s gone, and make sure to type in TJ2XNKAP at checkout!

Garmin Zumo 396 Motorcycle GPS | $250 | BuyDig
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

If you haven’t yet abandoned the standalone GPS in wake of ever-evolving smartphones, this Garmin Zumo 396 unit is a steal at $250, especially if you’re a biker. You’ll find that price at BuyDig, where free shipping is also thrown in to sweeten the deal with promo code BDEXPRESS.

What makes it great for motorcycle riders? You can link up wirelessly with others in your rolling posse to ensure everyone stays on the right route. It’s also weatherproof, which is a must considering it won’t have the comfy confines of your standard automobile for protection. There’s a bit of fun to be had, too, with hands-free calling and music playback functions.

“Eyes on the road, jackass!”

Sound familiar? If so, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and check out Anker’s discounted $13 FM transmitter, the Roav SmartCharge, with which you can play your music, charge your phone, and make phone calls—completely hands-free.

With the promo code R511311299, it’s cheaper than even our link would suggest, as the Roav SmartCharge is normally $17 full price. Like the cassette player FM transmitters of the past, that functionality is simple to use. Just find an unoccupied radio station, sync it to the Roav, and you’re set to start bumping your favorite playlist without the need for an integrated Bluetooth solution.

That said, the Roav SmartCharge also supports Bluetooth, meaning you can amplify your spring mix wirelessly over that protocol as well. It even has skip, backtrack, and “answer phone” buttons built-in so you never have to touch your phone while driving. Play it safe and avoid your next accident for $13 today.

Whether a full projector installation is out of the question or you’re looking to get more creative with your screening locations, the Anker Nebula Apollo turns any space with a big wall into a kickass theater. Through March 15, you can add it to your viewing arsenal for $320, an $80 discount.

With the Nebula Apollo, you can watch movies from any connected USB, HDMI, or wireless device on any surface up to 100 inches, whether that’s a deployable projector screen or the broad side of your house. Onboard touch controls help you control the reel, but you can just as well use the smartphone app, and with its Android-based software, you can even download entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu directly.

Its 4-hour battery life offers enough juice to power through even the lengthiest of flicks. The only thing your local theater has on you now is the popcorn, but you can stick it to them there, too. Take that, overpriced concessions!

Eventually, all this working from home is going to get to our heads, and we’ll be lying in bed with an empty bag of chips—crumbs on our faces—wondering to ourselves how we all got to this point. Lethargic and desperate, we’ll think to ourselves, I need that good good coffee right now. Enter the $69 Motif Elements pour-over style coffee brewer.

Discounted 54% from its usual $150 selling price (or 50% down from its actual $139 tag on Amazon), this stainless steel coffee maker includes a built-in thermal carafe which can make 8 whole cups of coffee in a single filling. Along with the lid, the carafe itself is dishwasher top rack-safe and the whole thing comes with a two-year warranty.

It can’t be overstated how low this price is. Last May, the same Motif Elements coffee brewer was $56 used on Amazon. The lowest price I’ve seen it on Amazon new is $100. Now that you’re spending all this time indoors, treat yourself to a fresh cuppa joe—because you deserve it. ;)

3lbs of Wings Free With Every Order | Butcher Box
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Those chicken shortages that send everyone into a tizzy during Super Bowl season? Yeah, you won’t have to worry about that with ButcherBox, which is offering 3 pounds of organic chicken wings in each regular shipment of meat for new customers. That promotion lasts the life of your membership, too, so if you stay signed up for life, you get free wings for life. So yeah, just stay signed up for life.

With ButcherBox, you can put together a custom package of fresh, high-quality meat—including grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and pork—for regular delivery. It’s like LootCrate, but much, much meatier. This deal is only around through March 22, so don’t miss out.

If you’re bold enough to eschew a bit of your home security for ultimate Amazon shipping convenience, Woot has a meaty proposition for you. You’ll get up to 65% off when combining Amazon’s Cloud Cam (Key Edition) with your choice of smart lock. The Cloud Cam is normally $120 at Amazon, but a discount down to $50 makes this almost impossible to pass. The catch is you’ll have to combine it with a smart lock, the cheapest of which is the Kwikset Convert, which typically costs close to $100, but is just $35 today. Other choices include the Yale Assure ($45) and the Kwikset SmartCode ($60).

Amazon Key allows Amazon delivery drivers to gain one-time access to an area of your home for package delivery. You’re technically letting strangers into your home — which sounds scary in these times — but the camera is there to help deter any wrongdoing. Amazon will notify you when a delivery attempt is about to be made so you can watch in real-time. You can use the camera in conjunction with other Amazon Cloud Cam devices within your home to monitor everything from one location.

More than package deliveries, Amazon Key is also useful for granting keyless access to anyone you want, including family members and trusted friends, on either a temporary or permanent basis. In fact, you don’t have to use the package delivery part at all if you don’t want to, so be sure to give it a try if you’re looking for a cool and actually useful upgrade to your smart home setup.

As far as the camera is concerned, it’s capable of 1080p feeds, has night vision, and supports two-way communication to any other Amazon Cloud Cam in your home.

Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator | $190 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

If you haven’t stocked up on non-perishables in anticipation of potential quarantines and lockdowns, you may still have a chance to preserve mounds of fresh fruits and veggies, and you can’t forget about the jerky. Excalibur’s 9-tray electric food dehydrator is normally close to $300, but it can be yours for $190 after gradual price dips and a meaty Amazon Gold Box discount.

Overall, you’re getting 15 square feet of room inside to handle whatever it is you may need, and with removable trays, you won’t always have to chop everything down to size. There’s a 26-hour timer function that will very slowly suck all the moisture out of your food by cooking it low and slow, giving you more time to store everything before bacteria gets its fair share.

Spending more time indoors thanks to coronavirus? If you’ll be hitting the chopping board more frequently in light of a global pandemic, make sure your tools are up to the task by snagging a ProntoPro knife sharpener by Chef’sChoice for $28. This thing has three sharpening stages to get your knives just sharp enough for your liking. All three stages use some form of diamond abrasive for smooth and consistent results.

If you’re really serious about your knives, the Trizor XV model is on an even steeper 34% discount, bringing it from its usual $150 price tag down to $99. It does much of the same as its cheaper sibling, but promises more consistency thanks to a 15-degree sharpening process and a maximum operating time of just one minute.

Get a good night’s rest with a Sable memory foam pillow. It’s only $16 with the promo code KINJAZO9 and can be adjusted based on your comfort level and preference. The pillow itself has a breathable bamboo fiber pillowcase to keep your head dry if you run hot and sweat during the night. Not only that, but both the pillow case/jacket AND the stuffing can be washed and dried without gettig mildew. Make sure to grab this deal and type in the code KINJAZO9 at checkout.

Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher | $27 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Can’t be arsed to install a proper water filter in your sink? Brita’s filtered water pitchers are the next best thing, and they’re down to $27 at Amazon. I wouldn’t rely on this thing to filter out the heavily contaminated waters that somehow still exist around the world, but if you just want to make some already decent tap water taste better, this is one convenient and inexpensive way. It comes with one filter, which Brita says can go through 900 16oz bottles worth of water before you need to replace it.

Grab an 8-pack of reusable silicone food storage bags for $7 with the promo code FTGD2YAN. These babies are leak-proof and freezer-safe, so you’ll be able to store liquid-y foods, as well as extra meats and such for long periods of time! Plus, since they’re made of silicone, you’ll be able to wash them over and over again, making the earth 10 times happier. Grab a pack before they’re gone, just make sure to type in the promo code at checkout!

Bath Sheets | $36 | Crane & Canopy | Promo code KINJA25

Bath sheets, otherwise known as towels, are a necessity. At my last job, I had a friend—let’s call him AJ—who owned just one towel, and he was ridiculed for in perpetuity. Don’t be like AJ. Get your life together and save 25% on made-to-last bath sheets from Crane & Canopy using the code KINJA25.

Seriously, buy a second towel. Buy a third if you’re brave. These extra large bath sheets are for real adults with mortgages or rent, measuring 40" by 70". In fact, Crane & Canopy tells us they’re 67% bigger than your typical bath towel.

They’re also “made from finely combed, long-staple cotton,” making them soft and absorbent. Perhaps best of all is that they have a built-in loop for effortless hanging. Never again will you miss the wall hook, assuming you’re not a total klutz.

Machine washable and available in 12 colors, you’ll want to take advantage of this exclusive deal by March 15, when it inevitably runs dry.

30% Off Sale | Urban Outfitters
Image: Urban Outfitters

If you didn’t know, today is Friday the 13th and because it’s the unluckiest day of the year, Urban Outfitters has decided to do everyone a solid and have an extra 30% off sale on items already on sale, which means double the savings. You can choose between men’s, women’s and home items because Urban loves to give everyone a great selection. Make sure you take advantage of this sale, because it ends today!

25% Off Jewelry | Anthropologie
Image: Anthropologie

For this weekend only, you can save up to 25% off on full priced jewelry at Anthropologie! You can choose between necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other accessories that’ll be the perfect, final touch for all of your outfits you’ll be wearing during spring AND summer. I would hop on this sale before it’s gone.

Pet-themed Women’s Cotton Socks | $6 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

There’s nothing like getting a new wardrobe in the Spring. If your sock game could use some work, these pet-patterned crew socks designed for women’s size 9-11 are just $6 per pair (you’ll have to go through checkout to see the discount). From studious sailor dogs to swans riding bicycles, these socks are fun to look at and comfortable to wear. They’re made from 80% cotton and 17% nylon, plus a little elasticity to keep them snug on your feet. Take another 5% off by clipping the coupon at Amazon.

Friend & Family 30% Off Sale | Levi’s | Promo code FRIEND
Image: Levi’s

Spring is basically here—why not stock up on a new wardrobe? From now until March 14th, you can score 30% off Levi’s jeans and other apparel, plus free shipping as long as you type in the code “FRIEND” at checkout. If I were you, I’d stock up on jeans, shirts, and the classic trucker jacket. Those picks will last you for years to come. Grab this deal before it’s gone!

70% Off Women’s Shoes | Nine West
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Nine West’s sample sale is back, and it’s discounting shoes heavily with a 70% cut across the board. Just to highlight a couple of choice items, you can feed your jungle fever with this pair of Tennon zebra-print boots for $42, down from its usual $140. Flats and slippers are going as low as $20, too. From tennis shoes to something fit for the local gala, there’s a little bit here for everyone, so take a look and see if your wardrobe could do with some key additions.

What’s a sample sale, you ask? They’re items that are technically used, but only typically for display and promotional purposes. They’re lightly worn and most should grace your feet looking like new, and there’s a 3-week return policy if you have any issues.

While the CDC advises against travel right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, discounted luggage waits for no one. Fill out the form on this page after purchasing a TSA-compliant Ninetygo suitcase to qualify for a free Anker PowerCore Slim 1000 charger and silica gel luggage tag.

The luggage, which normally sells for $160, is down $20 with the help of an on-page coupon. Then, enter the code LUGGAGE90 at checkout for an additional $30 off. Clip that, check out, send Ninetygo your order number, and—voilà!—you’ve got yourself a brand-new 10,000mAh power bank, a resilient luggage tag, and airport-proof carry-on luggage for $110

Save yourself the hassle and over $100 by planning ahead and netting yourself three great products for over less than the price of one.

While spring is out here teasing us with bright sunlit skies and mid-50 degree weekends (hey, that’s t-shirt weather here in New York), it’s time to start thinking about your next vacation. And so long as you book by March 15 and travel by May 24, is sweetening its (up to) 40% discount with an extra 15% using the promo code TRIP15.

So that international trip you’ve been putting off because the lodging is too expensive? Yeah, it’s time to book it. Get out of town and escape to somewhere free of haunting thoughts about tomorrow’s board meeting or your college exams, or whatever is eating at your brain right now. Everyone deserves a break now and then, so why not you?

Friends: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray) | $60 | Amazon

Need something to watch on a long weekend? Friends made its controversial exit from Netflix to close 2019, and it won’t be available to stream through at least May 2020, so your only real option right now if you want to keep up with Phoebe and the gang is to buy the episodes outright. Amazon is giving you a chance to preserve the entire series on Blu-Ray on the cheap, with the complete series down to just $60. If you happen to still use DVD, that’s even cheaper right now at $55. Now go and laugh your collective friendly asses off.

Love dinosaurs? Love watching people revive dinosaurs and then get eaten by them? Then do we have the deal for you! The Jurassic World 5-Movie Collection is 55% off, so you can get the whole collection for just $25. If you’re looking to check out some dinosaurs in 4K for half off, though, you’re unfortunately out of luck, as the 5-Movie 4K collection is $63.

If you’re okay with Blu-Ray, then you get five movies to watch and wonder why humans keep reviving dangerous apex predators. It’ll be a fun night of watching humanity’s hubris for the whole family!

PS4 Controller Charging Station | $11 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

There’s nothing worse than a dead controller when you’re in the mood to game. With the Beboncool USB charging station, you’ll be able to restore power to two, count them, TWO controllers at the same time. With the charging station, you’ll be able to get a fully charged controller within two hours, and the LED indicator will let you know when each controller is up to full power. The best part about this though (besides the $11 price tag), is it can be plugged into a wall adapter, laptop, or other compatible USB device. Grab this before it’s gone.

PS4 Pro | $300 | Woot
Photo: Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku)

The Last of Us Part II is a mere two and a half months away now, and given that impressions of the first game ranged from “overrated” to “Citizen Kane of video games,” even garnering many comparisons to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, you need to either catch up or replay it in 4K if you haven’t already.

And the best way to do that is on the PS4 Pro, which just so happens to be at its lowest price since Black Friday on Woot: $300. Early trailers for The Last of Us Part II sparked controversy for its violent torture sequences.

From that, you can surmise there will be Discourse™ to accompany its release.

So don’t miss out—get mad like the rest of us!—and pick up a PS4 Pro to experience one of the most important games of last decade in native 4K or at 1080p 60fps. You won’t see graphics like that on a regular ol’ PS4.




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TP-Link N300 WiFi Range Extender | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

No one, especially in 2020, appreciates dead spots or lagging while you’re streaming a movie with bae. The TP-Link N300 WiFi extender boosts internet coverage for up to 1000 square feet, and it’s compatible with any router, gateway, or access point. Not to mention, for only $16, it can connect up to 10 devices, so it literally has you covered. Why not take a chance on this before it vanishes?

Insignia Air Fryer | $50 | Best Buy
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

If you’ve always wanted to try an air fryer to see if it lives up to the hype, here’s your chance. For $50, you can get your hands on an Insignia digital air fryer that can crisp anything from chicken wings to french fries. The device comes with a pre-programmed amount of cook times based on the food you’ll wanna fry, and the basket is dishwasher-safe! Grab this deal before it’s gone.

Mojaz Bluetooth Speaker | $10 | Woot
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

It’s almost spring, and that means cute little picnics and chilling out in the sun with friends. Why not jazz it up with tunes played from this cute, $10 bluetooth speaker? The Mojaz Bluetooth speaker can play up to five hours of non-stop music and has a nice, crisp bass everyone around you can appreciate. So why not grab a speaker before they’re gone?

For those who remain unsettled in the eons-long debate between wired and wireless audio, HyperX does us a favor and packs both into the same package. You’d usually pay around $200 for the convergence, but Amazon has it down to just $130.

Flexibility is the central theme for this gaming headset. Use it in wired mode while you’re fragging fools in Call of Duty, and then detach the microphone and audio cable when you’re ready to take a conference call using Bluetooth mode for up to 20 hours with your smartphone.

The only shame here is that switching from wired to Bluetooth (or vice versa) can be slow and clunky, and you can’t use both modes simultaneously. Don’t let that keep you from living out your taco girl dreams.

40% Off Gap Kids and Baby Apparel | Gap
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

New seasons call for new clothes. If your young ones have ruined their garments during winter fun, you’ll want to get in on this big 40% off sale at Gap to replenish the wardrobe. Today is the last day to get discounted apparel for babies and kids, like these cute floral-patterned stretch leggings that would dip down to $5 after all is said and done.

To get the discount, just use the code SHOP40 in your shopping cart with any applicable items. Don’t forget that coupon code TREAT takes another 10% off anything in the store!

Blue Light Glasses | $9 | Amazon | Promo code 36NYH958 + Clip Coupon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

If you’re tired of your eyes getting tired after hours on the computer, I would suggest getting a pair of blue light glasses. They can effectively relieve eye fatigue while you’re working on a laptop, or even while binge watching your favorite television show (which you probably stream from your computer, anyway). These glasses are a low $9 when combined with a promo code and a clipped coupon on the page. Even folks with 20/20 can get on this deal, especially if you’re tired of getting tension headaches from having your eyes work too damn hard during the day. If it’s worth anything, I own a pair of blue light glasses specifically for the computer even though I have perfect vision, and they have helped tremendously when I’m working 9-5. With all that said, hop on this deal before it’s gone, y’all! Save your eyes from a slow death. They’ll thank you.

Lasko 36" Tower Fan | $48 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Listen up, especially those of you in the south: Summer is coming, and you don’t want to be caught without a fan to keep you cool. Lasko is one of the best brands to turn to in that regard, and its 36-inch tower fan is now down to $48 on Amazon with free shipping. It has three preset speeds, an oscillation motor, a built-in shutoff timer, and a remote for those days where even subtle movements can break a sweat.

There’s nothing worse than getting all ready for the day and your car battery being out of commission. And yet, this is something we deal with all the time. Well, no more! In 2020 we’re getting ahead of our problems and buying a jump starter. This one is only $35 when you type in the promo code AGGCZ88B at checkout and can be able to resurrect any 7.0L gasoline engine, as well as any 4.5L diesel engine easily. It also comes with a dual USB-port to charge all of your electronic devices if you’re in a pinch. Plus, the jump start is equipped with a handy flashlight just in case you’re in the middle of nowhere.

I’m gonna be real with y’all—I have an Infiniti G35 and I probably should be buying this for myself. Jump on this before it is gone.

On the road a lot? Whether you’re living a nomadic lifestyle or work commute takes you through winding countrysides, you’ll want something like this Gooloo car jump starter to save yourself a hitchhike or a potential call to AAA. Normally $80, you can use promo code G7C7PDTA and clip the coupon offer on Amazon for a 33% discount, bringing your final total down to $54.

This thing packs a 20,800mAh battery that outputs voltage across a variety of mediums, including USB 3.0 Quick Charge to keep enough fuel in your phone’s tank to call someone if you’re unsuccessful jumping the car’s battery. It comes with a 12V battery clamp for that particular job, and an onboard LCD display keeps you informed on its remaining capacity.

Gooloo rates the jump starter for up to 30 1500-amp surges on cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trucks, and boats. You could just as well jump a tractor in case the upcoming harvest season doesn’t throw any luck your way.

Neewer 2-Pack Video Light | $93 | Amazon
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Photographers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers know how important lighting is to the final product. Without it, content creators look like they’re trying to get a message out to the world from a serial killer’s basement, and photographers are left to the mercy of unreliable natural lighting. Already affordable compared to the competition, Neewer’s 2-pack lighting kit gets even cheaper with a discount of nearly 30%, making your grand total $93.

This particular set is cool because it features dual-color LED panels, giving you both yellow and white with crossfading to create the exact color temperature you need. The included stand stretches out to 75 inches, which is more than enough height for most studio or streaming setups.

Anker USB-C Charger | $15 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

If you’re looking for a dependable way to charge all your devices, look no further than the Anker 18W fast charger. It has 18W of power to quickly deliver tons of power to your phones and tablets. Plus, it’s only $15, so this little gadget will always be convenient to have in your pocket. Grab it before it’s gone.

Tile Mate | $20 | Tile

If you’re anything like me, and I hope you’re not, you lose your keys more often than you would like. With Tile, you place the actual tile on whatever device you would prefer not to lose. When it inevitably gets misplaced, you just log into the tile app, and it’ll show you the location in real time. It’s like Find My iPhone, except with any and everything. And since it’s 20% off its original price which brings the cost down to $20, it’s worth a try. Buy one before it’s gone!

Fullstar Food Storage Containers | $28 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Listen. Everyone eats. And sometimes, you need places to house some yummy leftovers. For that I have a solution — a hefty 20-pack of food storage containers. With six different sizes and four handy dressing cups, I think you’ll be good to go in terms of things to hold your food. The best part about these hard plastic, transparent containers (besides the $28 price tag) is that they are completely dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe! Not to mention they’re leakproof thanks to the hinge-locking system, so you won’t have to worry about the containers messing up your nice bag or big cleanups! I’d grab a pack before they’re gone, y’all!

Farberware 15-Piece Knife Set | $31 | Amazon
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Are you in need of sharper knives? Well, Farberware has come through with its 15-piece set that’s down to a low $30. It includes steak knives as well as all the basics you’d need to really get your kitchen cooking. The knives themselves are made of high-carbon stainless steel, and have an ergonomic design so they’ll be comfy in your hand while chopping veggies or even discombobulating a chicken. The choice is yours, but the deal doesn’t last forever, so hop on it before it is gone.