The world's oldest couple met in a college class in 1934, and they still celebrate every single Valentine's Day together.

The world's oldest couple still make homemade valentines and enjoy a glass of wine together most nights.

John and Charlotte Henderson of Texas spoke to NBC's "Today" show on Friday about their love story, to mark their 85th Valentine's Day together.

It was love at first sight when John 107, and Charlotte, 105, were seated near each other in a University of Texas zoology class in 1934. Their first date involved going out to get Cokes.

"When I just saw her and got to talking to her, I don't think I ever had another date after that one day in the class,'' John said.

They were married five years later, in 1939, the same year World War II broke out. They had just two wedding guests present.

According to an October article in the Four Points News, Charlotte spent the early years of their marriage as a teacher and John worked for Humble Oil, which later became Exxon (he retired from the company in 1972).

"We produced more than half of the explosives used by the Allies for World War II," he said.

The couple never had children, which some have attributed to their long life.

They've traveled around the world, and have spent the past decade living in a retirement community in Austin. They said they still enjoy a glass of wine together most nights.

When asked whether they still celebrate Valentine's Day, John said he makes a homemade card for his wife every year.

"Oh yes, a little love note on it, yes,'' Charlotte said. "He's pretty romantic, when you get down to it."

Charlotte also has a flair for the romantic, and shared a poem she penned for her husband on their 22nd wedding anniversary in 1961.