We identified the 54 most powerful people at Netflix. Here's our exclusive chart of its top executives and their roles.

Netflix is the leader in streaming TV with a global audience of 167 million subscribers and counting. Its last decade of unrivaled subscriber growth, and an equally impressive stock climb, has forced legacy media to take streaming seriously or risk irrelevance, and tech titans to vie for a piece of the streaming TV pie.

By the end of 2020, Apple, Disney, Comcast, AT&T, and ViacomCBS will each have unveiled new streaming strategies to challenge Netflix and keep up with the viewer shifts it spurred. 

The new competition is placing more pressure on Netflix to expand internationally where there's still ample room for growth and to improve its balance sheet.

Business Insider spoke with current and former Netflix employees, and industry experts, to identify the 54 most powerful executives who are leading key growth areas at the company. Netflix has many leaders — not all of whom are included here — but this list gives an inside look at who to watch in 2020.

At the top of the company is chief executive Reed Hastings, who cofounded Netflix in 1997 as a hub for online-movie rentals, oversaw its move into streaming video 10 years later, and drove the company to become the first truly global TV service.

Hastings' core leadership team includes influential execs like content chief, Ted Sarandos, who oversees the company's colossal content budget; and chief product officer, Greg Peters, who is responsible for every aspect of the platform from its price to giving users the option to turn off auto-play video.

There are also execs driving key initiatives within Netflix whose names might not be as familiar as those in the c-suite. They include movie boss, Scott Stuber, who is turning the company into a major player in Hollywood; top animation exec, Melissa Cobb, who is helping Netflix compete with Disney Plus; creative-production lead, Rochelle King, who is managing one of the fastest-growing teams at Netflix this year; product vice president, Todd Yellin, who is pushing Netflix to evolve entertainment with new formats like "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"; and Bela Bajaria, who is developing content for crucial international audiences.

Each plays their part to get people to spend more time with Netflix, which will be a key factor in keeping viewers around as new platforms launch.

"The real measurement will be time," Hastings said at the New York Times Dealbook conference in November. "How do consumers vote with their evenings?"

This chart is interactive. Click on "core team" to get the full list of names. 

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