Cafe OTO → Algorave – with Renick Bell + Yaxu + hellocatfood + Miri Kat + +777000 + more, Thursday 5 March 2020, 7pm

"Renick Bell is one of [the algorave] scene’s more flabbergasting producers," writes Mixmag magazine. Resident Advisor calls him "Algorave kingpin" and writes that he "is one of the leading figures of the algorave movement, and watching him make his music is just as fun as dancing to it." Bell improvises bass-heavy algorithmically generated music full of percussion and noise by live coding with open source software, including software he has written called Conductive. Each performance is new and unique, unheard before the event even by Bell, with his live programming activity projected for the audience to see. In 2019, he was selected by Aphex Twin for the latter's first-ever curated event for the The Warehouse Project in Manchester, UK, where he headlined the Archive Room stage. In 2018 he released an album called Wary on 2018 Grammy-nominated producer Rabit's Halcyon Veil label and another called Turning Points on Seagrave Records, which was a critical success, including being ranked 19 out of "The 50 best albums of 2018" by FACT magazine. He has releases on Lee Gamble's UIQ label, Berlin-based Conditional Records and Saplings Records, among others. His music practice corresponds with a research practice of writing software and writing research papers on live coding, electronic music, and art, as well as teaching in university and other contexts. Based in Tokyo since 2006, Bell has lived in Asia since 2001. He is originally from West Texas.

hellocatfood is the alias of Antonio Roberts, an artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. For his live performances he uses software including Pure Data to explore the creative potential of algorithms, glitches, and feedback loops. He has provided visuals for the likes of MTV, Com Truise, Blood Sport, Steve Davis, Renick Bell and My Panda Shall Fly and at events including SXSW, Supersonic Festival, Barbican, Green Man festival and more.

Mahalia is an artist hailing from London working on fusing together multiple disciplines. With a background in architectural and spatial design, her current research centres around experimenting with combining technology and performance particularly within physical environments. Live coding allows her to continue these experiments of manipulating and augmenting experiences with code, and she relishes the chaos that ensues.

Eye Measure is a London-based audiovisual artist. Working with digital synthesis, TidalCycles and live visuals, she make experimental/ambient compositions. In 2019 she released “being to the left of textor” with Cherche Encore, and was a guest composer at EMS, Stockholm.

Yaxu is the solo project of Alex McLean, who also works as part of collaborations including Slub, CCAI and Canute. He has live coded music since around the year 2000, co-founding the Algorave and TOPLAP live coding movements and creating the free/open source TidalCycles live coding language. He's performed widely including at No Bounds, Sonar, Glastonbury, Transmediale, Bluedot and Shambala festivals. He also directs the AlgoMech festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, currently planning the fourth edition for November 2020. By day Alex is a textile researcher, investigating weaving as an ancient digital artform as part of the PENELOPE project. He lives in Sheffield UK with his family of people and cats.“Yaxu’s polyrhythmic and hyperreal strand of techno is showcased on cuts like Public Life and Cyclic showing that he is not just tes ng the confines of how music can be consumed but also how genres can sound. A truly forward-thinking in-flux of material”“Complexity emerges from simple instructions. With a few keystrokes, McLean transforms an arpeggio and a simple set of beats into complex polyrhythms that pan in decaying arcs” - Emily Bick

“Software artists such as Alex McLean are such hardcore outsiders that their art is in the computer code they write”, Grayson Perry

+777000 produces melodramatic code that deals with extending, resurfacing and adjusting memories. The sonic spectrum ranges from rhythmic waves of ambient to RnB infused walls of glistening noise. London-based, they also run the Edited Arts platform.