SEX WEEK: 6 Gender-Neutral Sex Toys to Spice Things up for You and Your Partner this V-Day

Remember when the only sex toy you could correctly identify was a gummy, highlighter-neon colored dildo that could feasibly pass for a dog’s chew toy?

Praise be that those primitive days are behind us. The latest wave of innovative sex toys has embraced good engineering as well as the importance of gender-neutrality. This means that no matter what gender you identify as (man, woman, non-binary, etc!) or genitalia you sport, there’s sure to be an option that lets you feel like you.

According to Dominnique Karetsos, resident sex expert at MysteryVibe, gender-neutral toys are those that “can be used on any body with no recourse to anyone’s gender or genitalia. Not worrying about whether something will ‘fit’ is massively freeing and particularly good for people who’ve previously found the use of toys during sex a bit artificial or distracting.”

That’s right, my frisky friends. Regardless of you or your partner’s gender identity or genitalia, today’s more inclusive toys are remarkably versatile and easy-to-use, making a good sex toy an ideal gift for the human in your life. Bonus? You can skip the gym on 2/15 because after playing with these toys, you’ll have worked off more than enough V-Day dinner calories to take a day off.

Crescendo by MysteryVibe

Crescendo by MysteryVibe, $150
Photo: MysteryVibe

This bendable tool from MysteryVibe is a flexi-sexy dream come true. Not only does it work on the clitoris and G-spot, for the vulva owners reading, it can also wrap around the penis — making it an awesome option for those seeking something extra adaptable.

Even better? For V-Day the brand is offering 20% off the Crescendo, and $50 off when you buy both Crescendo and Tenuto (MysteryVibe’s penis-centric toy) together.

Fin by Dame Products

Fin by Dame Products, $85
Photo: Dame

Dame Products stands out amongst its industry comrades for the rigorous mechanical engineering that happens in-house. Every product is thoughtfully designed by a product team focused on inclusivity, then taken for a seriously scientific spin by a cohort of volunteer tributes (#careergoals).

Fin is a finger vibrator that fits seamlessly into both sex and masturbation and essentially serves as a powerful extension of the hand (hello, future!). Meaning? You can apply targeted vibration to wherever you want it, regardless of genitalia.

Pillo by Dame Products

Pillo by Dame Products, $95
Photo: Dame

Pillo, the brand’s first “sex accessory”, helps prop your body (whatever that might look like!) into custom positions to enhance pleasure. Awkward and uncomfortable sex positions begone!

Pillo works for all partner pairings, because it’s just that...a pillow! Fully anatomically agnostic. The difference between this pillow and the version on which you sleep is the strategically constructed angle, washable fabrics, and exceptionally sturdy support structure.

Psst, Dame crew, if you’re reading anything in the works to solve shower sex? Asking for a friend.

Enby by Wild Flower

Enby by Wild Flower, $75
Photo: Enby

This sting ray-esque contraption was carefully crafted by the crew over at Wild Flower to work equally as well for vulvas as it does for penises. Beyond that, it’s entirely free from old-fashioned gender color and design norms, which is awesome if you’re someone who has ever felt type-cast by your sex toy.

Butt Plugs from b-Vibe

One of my favorite campaigns from sex toy industry leaders, b-Vibe, was their “Every Body Has a Butt” initiative, because — it’s true. We all have butts. And what could be more inclusive than that?

The revolultionary brand was founded by a certified sex educator to offer premium ~butt stuff~. All of their products are made from high quality silicone and carefully researched and adapted based on consumer feedback. If you’re just starting off, check out the finger-sized Novice Plug Petite, which vibrates (!) or the weighted Snug Plug 1. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, the Rimming Plug 2 is a solid bet.

Le Wand Massager

Le Wand Massager, $170
Photo: Le Wand

This updated twist on an old school classic is about as iconic as they come. You’ve probably seen it used, movies... on the clitoris, but recent years have proven that this powerhouse of a toy is also ideal for penises and anuses and...sore backs? But really. The vibrations are intense, the ergonomics are awesome, and anyone who loves intense vibrations will relish this rechargeable massager. I am personally extremely taken with the all-black model. Does this count as home decorating? Yep, yeah. Yes it does.