Greyhound bus shooting: one dead and at least five injured in California

One person was killed and at least five were injured early on Monday in a shooting on a Greyhound bus in California, the state highway patrol said.

The patrol also confirmed that an unidentified man has been taken into custody. A Fort Tejon California highway patrol (CHP) spokesman said the suspect was a passenger on the bus. About 40 passengers were onboard at the time of the shooting.

The bus was heading north on Interstate 5 toward the San Francisco area from Los Angeles, the spokesman said. Further details were not immediately released.

Mark Grabban, 29, a passenger on the bus, told NBC News the gunman was talking “incoherently” before arguing with someone who had asked him to be quiet.

“He was muttering things, about, ‘Wait till we get to the station,’” he said.

Grabban said the man cursed and fired eight or nine shots. “Assuming [he] was going to get shot”, Grabban said, he got down to protect himself and his girlfriend as the shooter aimed toward the back of the bus.

“I saw the blood on the floor of the aisle,” he said. “I looked to the woman on the left, and she wasn’t responding, wasn’t moving or anything. She was lifeless.”

Authorities said a 51-year-old woman from Colombia was killed.

CHP Sgt Brian Pennings told reporters the driver “immediately pulled to the right shoulder and somehow, we’re still trying to figure out to how this happened, [was] able to coerce the suspect off of the bus”.

The body of the woman who was killed remained on the bus as investigators secured the scene.

Pennings said the gunman left a black handgun on the bus after “voluntarily” getting off. He was found on the roadside and was taken into custody without incident.

The bus driver “handled the situation professionally and appropriately to minimize any more possible victims”, Pennings said.

The Kern county sheriff and fire departments responded to the scene near Lebec, north of Los Angeles and south of Bakersfield, according to local news outlets. Photos showed the bus parked at a Valero gas station at the base of the Grapevine section of the freeway.

Two victims were hospitalized with serious injuries, Pennings said. Investigators were yet to determine a motive. The driver was not among the injured.

Greyhound did not immediately release a statement on the shooting.

“The situation is stable and there is no threat,” a CHP spokesman said.