What Is Bio Cremation Technology?

In a very simple language, I would like to explain what cremation is and how technology is playing a crucial role in the death industry.

Cremation is defined as bringing the body elements into bone fragments via heat.

As per a Forbes research report, by 2040 nearly 80% will be cremated.

Taking that into consideration, Bio Cremation technology was introduced as the current form of funeral & burials is actually a threat to Eco culture.

As per the environmental scientist, the current cremation process needs to be upgraded to water based cremation. As per scientist, Richard Anthony, we are just replacing use of flame with the utilization of water, blended with an alkali solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH).

How the procedure works

The human body will be kept inside the stainless steel chamber and then water with alkaline will be added automatically by raising the temperature to 350 F .Water with alkaline along with heat and pressure will circulate over the entire body, hence due to reaction the cremation process is completed.

The benefit of Bio cremation is that it does not pollute the environment and its 100% safe when compare to traditional burials and funerals. Also when you compare the cost between cremation and funeral, you save a lot of money as well time on cremation.

Average funeral cost in America is $15,000 when compare to just $1200 under flame based cremation.

Now, the cremation technology has moved on from flame to water, the cost should go a little on higher side. But still it will be cheaper option to regular funerals.

One important factor scientists disclosed is that, With burial, the transition time is about 25 years and the catalyst to reduce the body to bones in soil and micro organisms and with cremation its just 2-3 hours .

This technology is very controlled and sophisticated environment that combines water, alkali, heat and pressure that hydrolyzes the body, leaving only the bone fragments.

During Alkaline hydrolysis procedure or Bio cremation, the human body is reduced to bone fragments are rinsed and the remaining by-product is a sterile effluent . Why Bio cremation is more environmental friendly than flame based cremation is that there are almost zero air emissions (greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.) admitted into the atmosphere.

What to do with the ashes

After the procedure is completed the funeral homes will hand over the the ashes of your loved ones in a temporary sealed plastic bag or in a cardboard boxes. One can also avail cremation urns online or directly from funeral homes.

Why not plant a sampling with your loved one ashes to keep your memories alive forever in form of a tree. Yes, you can do that, with the help of a biodegradable urn . See Below Image.

Some families uses scattering tubes to scatter ashes in the sea water.There are of course plenty of ways you can choose to use the ashes of your loved ones.