Professional DynamoDB GUI Client

Accelerate your NoSQL workflow with faster data exploration, code generation, bookmarks, and more.

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Available for macOS, Linux and Windows

Dynobase allows to export all operations into CLI and popular languages SDK formats. No more writing queries, just copy and paste

Integrate with your workflow

No more relogging, changing roles and juggling between AWS accounts. All your data in one place. Profiles are loaded from ~/.aws/profiles automatically

Switch between tables across accounts and regions easily

Edit records with real-time validation, as plain text or using JSON editor, choice is yours.

Intiuitive Editor

See the history of your operations and preview changes before commiting anything.

Operations Manager

Save and load frequently used queries and scans. Share them with your team


Share queries and their results with your team as a webpage.

Sharable queries and its results

And even more features...

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate easier, quickly manipulate data and tabs

Multiple Tabs

Just like in your web browser, multitask easier

Searching Tables

Just type table name and we'll find it across accounts

Offline support

Works with local instances of DynamoDB

Fast speed

Scans and queries work much faster than in AWS Console

Data Import (soon)

Import data from CSV or JSON files

Terminal (soon)

Aggregate results in built-in terminal with JS/TS


Interacts only with AWS APIs, no 3rd party connections involved

Advanced Filtering

Use extended filtering and sorting capabilities

Statistics (soon)

Get insight on data consumption and query speed

Truncate Table

Purge table contents without removing AWS resource

Team Support (soon)

Collaborate with our team by sharing bookmarks

Get Started Now

Start now, for free, upgrade whenever you like.
Free version includes all AWS Console features while Premium gives you much more.

$0/month, forever!

All features from AWS Console

Works with local/offline DynamoDB

History and updates manager


Save ~30% by paying annually!

All features from AWS Console

Works with local/offline DynamoDB

History and updates manager

Automatic code generation

Team collaboration (soon)


Yes, please create an account, then email with a valid student ID/project link and I'll give you Premium for free

What is your cancellation policy?

If you no longer wish to use Dynobase, you may cancel at any time and we will not bill you again.

Can I purchase multiple licenses for my team?

Sure, email with some details

Can I use my personal license on multiple machines?

Yes. Under our current subscription model, you may run three personal licensed copies of the IDE at the same time across multiple operating systems and devices.

How can I apply coupon?

Download Dynobase, login, proceed to checkout and apply it in the final step.

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