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Roller Blinds Singapore

A window with any window furnishing is just a hole in the wall. Installing window furnishings such as curtains and blinds can help to give your window personality and enjoy a number of benefits as well. Whether you are installing window furnishing for your new BTO flat in Singapore or just redecorating your home, curtains and blinds can make a difference by giving your home ambience and personality.

Modern homes in Singapore are getting more popular these days. Why not spice it up and match your window furnishings to your modern home? The Finishing Line offers roller blinds in Singapore to suit and match your modern home.

A roller blind is a window shade that rolls up out of the way by making use of a simple roll pulley system to control the height, while the bottom bar holds it down to prevent it from flapping. Commonly, roller blinds are seen only in offices and are only recently seen in modern homes in Singapore. Sure, you can pick curtains to beautify your home, but roller blinds are one of the most popular options for modern homes in Singapore. Roller blinds may not be the most sophisticated shade or the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it is simple, functional and they give a touch of class to the room.

Easy to maintain and match

Roller blinds easy and simple to maintain. Roller blinds are essentially a sheet of fabric which means you can just wipe them or vacuum them when it gets dusty. They are also sleek and seamless, making it easy to match them with any interior of any theme.

Flexible and adaptable

The fabric of each roller blind is customizable and can be chosen from our wide array of colors and types. This means that roller blinds are very flexible and adaptable. Each design and pattern are great for different purposes to suit the various themes of style that the user may have for a particular room. For example, if you are using it in the bedroom, use a blackout fabric to block out light. If you are using it in the living room, use a fabric that offers ultraviolet protection.

Light control

There are a few types of roller blinds available in Singapore such as perforated roller blinds and blackout roller blinds. These blinds are each suited for different purposes. Perforated roller blinds are normally used for offices and living hall as they are able to block out sunlight but at the same time, allow sufficient light to pass through.

This will help you to save up on electricity during the day as it allows you to make use of natural lighting to brighten up your room. Perforated roller blinds will help to reduce electricity bills by providing natural light to the room.

Blackout roller blinds are similar to night curtains and its main purpose is to block out 95% of light to make the room dark enough for better sleep even during the day. Blackout roller blinds are generally installed inside bedrooms.

Privacy control

Like curtains, roller blinds also provide you with privacy depending on the fabric you choose. Choosing a light filtering fabric for your roller blind will allow light to pass through while also preventing nosy neighbors from peeping into your home. Choosing blackout fabric will block out 95% of light to improve quality of sleep.

Keep your home cool and protect furniture

Like outdoor blinds, roller blinds also helps to shade your home from the heat in Singapore, keeping it cool in the process. It will also shade your home from the sun and help to prolong the life of your furniture. UV rays from the sun can damage your furniture.

For maximum convenience, you may also look for the help of professionals to aid you in your installation of blinds in Singapore. Here at The Finishing Line, we will be able to deliver professional services for the installation of your blinds in Singapore. Contact us now!